Golf Testimonials

“The work we’ve done with Max and Sue has taken our program to the next level. The 3D analysis coupled with DNS has given our team an individualized performance program that’s prevented injury, increased flexibility, and added more endurance thus allowing our guys to accomplish certain positions within their swing to be more fundamentally complete. We are fortunate to have Max and Sue.  I feel we are on the cutting edge of player performance.”

Working with the SPEED Clinic team, I am hitting farther and feeling better.”

“Thank you for the feedback.  Very much on target!  I hope to get back in the fall to do a review and evaluation.”

“Ball striking has improved dramatically, it was also the first day I didn’t have a significant amount of QL pain.”

“It was awesome.  Max and Sue showed me where my body compensates, why that’s causing pain.  More importantly,  they gave me very simple changes that I put to use right away.”

“Max, I learned a lot at the clinic. I change a number of things based on your input and Saturday I shot 40 45 which is lowest score I have had in a couple of years.”

“I’ve been doing the exercises daily and feel that it is going well. I’m more aware of my actions and now I can feel if I’m doing it right or wrong. It’s going great so far and I look forward to working with you both in the future!”

“Max, I have nothing but great things to say about this experience. I have long said that my hips feel tight and this is the first time that someone has actually diagnosed the lack of mobility. I am more than excited to work with the suggested openings and strength conditioning.”