Stem Cell Core

The mission of the Stem Cell Core at UVa is to provide researchers with high quality inducible pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and iPSC derivatives using standardized protocols to help facilitate and accelerate stem cell studies. In addition to providing these as a service, we also offer training for those interesting in learning more about iPSC technology.


The Stem Cell Core has a Lonza 4D-Nucleofector with X unit. Which enables users to efficiently transfect primary cells, stem cells and other hard to transfect cell lines with high efficiency.
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Oct-4 expression of fully reprogrammed i.P.S.C.


The Stem Cell Core provides technology that assists in reprogramming a somatic cell to a pluripotent stem cell.
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Stem Cell Core services

Service Requests and Rates

Contact Stem Cell Core personnel for an initial consultation to provide a quote and begin work on the project
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