Service Requests and Rates

Requesting services

Please contact Stem Cell Core personnel for an initial consultation to provide a quote and begin work on the project..

Veronica Porterfield,

Phone 434-924-1753

Billing is through iLab

Services currently offered by Stem Cell Core

Please Note: We do not provide therapeutic grade iPSC cells

I. iPSC Derivation

Feeder-free defined media (FF-DM) – $6250.00

iPSCs adapted and expanded in feeder-free media in defined media (StemFlex media) – 15 vials (3 colonies, 5 vials each) of undifferentiated colonies delivered to the client. One immunocytochemistry (ICC) image against OCT-4 and TRA-1-81 (undifferentiation markers) will be provided.

II. iPSC differentiation to Specific Cell Types

An initial Consultation with Core Director is required to provide a quote and begin work on the project

$120.00 (Internal)

III. iPSC line inventory

The following iPSC lines are available in feeder-free defined- media (FF-DM):
FF-DM-EPI-iPSC = iPSCs derived from human epileptic cells (neurotypic cells)

Price per vial: $700.00

IV. 4D Nucleofection

Rates per hour, 30 minutes minimum, charged from the beginning of the scheduled time.
Assisted: $120
Unassisted: $50

You can schedule an experiment by emailing Veronica Porterfield ( Rates include use of hoods, centrifuge, incubators and consumables. In addition to the hourly rates, Amaxa P3 Primary Cell 4D-Nucleofecto X Kits can be purchased at cost and availability through the Stem Cell Core or the user can purchase directly from Lonza. For all other Lonza kits, the user must purchase from Lonza.