Lonza 4D NucleofectorThe Stem Cell Core has a Lonza 4D-Nucleofector with X unit. This device enables users to efficiently transfect primary cells, stem cells and other hard to transfect cell lines with high efficiency. Users can design experiments using the standard cuvette or a 16 strip microcuvette. The X unit can electroporate 2 standard cuvettes at the same time, and both are able to be programmed independently from each other. The 16 strip microcuvette is great for optimization, and each microcuvette can be programmed independently as well.

You can schedule an experiment by emailing Veronica Porterfield ( Rates include use of hoods, centrifuge, incubators and consumables. In addition to the hourly rates, Amaxa P3 Primary Cell 4D-Nucleofecto X Kits can be purchased at cost and availability through the Stem Cell Core or the user can purchase directly from Lonza. For all other Lonza kits, the user must purchase from Lonza.