Having Trouble with Focus or Concentration?

If you have taken some time off from school- maybe it was a summer, or maybe even a couple of years, it can be hard getting back into it. You may even feel that your study “staying power” has diminished… Or maybe staying focused has been a life long struggle? Either way, the Pomodoro Method by Francesco Cirillo might be helpful and worth a try. Good the term and you’ll see a bunch of links come up- Wikipedia gives a pretty good summary of the technique. Bottom line: the Pomodoro Method gives you a timeline and mini-goals that make it easier to stay on task and breaks up an afternoon/evening of study into bite sized chunks that are more palatable to some. There are a bunch of apps out there, but it really does not require more than a clock/ timer and perhaps a piece of paper and a pen.

The Pomodoro Method

  1. zen garden with 2 rocks within an etched circle in the sandSet a goal or task to be completed
  2. Set a timer (mechanical kitchen timer is recommended) for 25 minutes. This is one Pomodoro (interval of time).
  3. Stop working when the timer rings. Make a check mark on your piece of paper.
  4. Take a break. If there are less than 4 check parks, then the break should be 3-5 minutes long. If there are more than 4 checks, then your break is 15-20 minutes long.
  5. Repeat from step 1 after break is over.

Note- if interrupted, one cannot continue a Pomodoro. You must restart the process, or postpone the activity.

— Selina Noramly, PhD



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