Clerkship Year Planning Resources SMD 21

Clerkship Intro PowerPoint


Step One Information

Applications are now available for you to register.

Application (and ID verification) Due: October 30th , 2018 – this deadline give you plenty of time to find a date and location that suits your plans

Students must take Step 1 no later than Feb. 1st 2019 to be eligible to begin clerkships.

More Step 1 Information

Clerkship Scheduling Timeline

Late September: OASIS lottery program is run with below criteria:

  • Assign Clerkship Grids (Schedules) – based on student’s college
  • Evenly distribute away weeks
  • Filling clerkship slots as evenly as possible

September 24: Students emailed to rank surgical subspecialties (via Qualtrics survey)
September 30: Deadline to request rank surgical
October 15: Initial schedules released to students (students will see the results of Surgical Subspecialties Lottery and Clerkship Schedules

October 15-26th: Trading locations/surgical subspecialties within college
November 15 (approx.): Final Schedules Available

Compassionate Consideration

As you already know, you will be assigned to clerkship rotations both at UVa and at other locations in Virginia. On average, you can expect to be out of Charlottesville for 12 weeks (the usual range is 8 to 16 weeks). Most students very much enjoy the exposure to other hospitals and areas of the state for both educational and personal enrichment reasons. Everyone has to spend some time at an “away” site. Your lodging will be provided at away sites, though you can stay elsewhere (e.g. at your parents’ or other relative or friend’s home) if you choose. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the location and between your lodgings and the clinical site. (Western State in Staunton is not considered an “away” site.)

Requests for assignments exclusively in or near Charlottesville must be approved by your college Dean

Acceptable reasons for requesting assignments in or near Charlottesville include:

You or your spouse are expecting a baby during the clerkships.

You have a small child or other dependent who needs your attention on a daily basis.

You have a medical or psychological condition that requires frequent medical appointments in Charlottesville.

Situations that DO NOT QUALIFY for requesting placement near Charlottesville include:

You have a dog or a cat or any other pet.

You have a spouse.

You do not have a car/driver’s license.

You cannot afford gas to drive to Richmond.

You have plants that need to be watered.

You have a business in Cville that needs your attention.

You will miss the veggie burgers at Boylan Heights.