School of Medicine Finals 2020

A Look Back at the Class of 2020
Calendar of Events

Saturday, May 16, 1 pm EDT

All Students and friends are invited to attend the University’s Virtual Celebration and Degree Conferral.

Students, their families and friends can view the ceremony at, as well as on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of the University of Virginia, as well as the accounts of President Ryan and the UVA Office of Major Events. The virtual celebration also will be recorded for viewing following the livestream.

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From Faculty and Staff
Dual Degree Graduates
Special congratulation to our Dual Degree graduates.  These students have completed the coursework to be awarded two degrees for their time at the University.
Michaela Skylar Banks, M.D./M.B.A.
Anne Lewis Carlton, M.D./Ph.D.
Taylor Jones Corriher, M.D./M.B.A.
George Albert Cortina, M.D./Ph.D.
Dhruv Mihir Desai, M.D./M.B.A.
Allissia Anne Gilmartin, M.D./Ph.D.
Joseph Keith Hall, M.D./M.P.H.
Samuel Maxwell Kessel, M.D./M.B.A.
Ali Khalid Khan, M.D./Ph.D.
Harrison Michael Lands, M.D./M.B.A.
Scott Minoru Seki, M.D./Ph.D.
Shawn Mehul Shah, M.D./M.B.A.
Cassandra Marie Skittle, M.D./M.B.A.
Ryan Christopher Sosh, M.D./M.B.A.
Jacqueline Suzanne Stevens, M.D./Ph.D.
Angela Courtney Zeigler, M.D./Ph.D.
Our Distinguished Doctors of Philosophy Dissertations
Name Area of Study Disertation Title
Ajay Chatrath Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Germline Variation Affects Tumor Progression and Informs Clinical Therapy Decisions Across Cancers
Katherine Margaret Owsiany Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Defining Roles for Phenotypically Transitioned Smooth Muscle Cells in Atherosclerosis
Tracy Anne Caldwell Biophysics Conformational dynamics of the membrane enzyme lipoprotein signal peptidase (LSPA) and characterization of bicelle membrane mimetics
Stephanie Jean Melchor Experimental Pathology IL-1R drives acute disease tolerance, liver and skeletal muscle fibrosis, and sustained cachexia during T. gondii infection
Victoria Osinski Experimental Pathology Inhibitor of differentiation 3 has distinct cell-specific roles in vascular disease
Awndre Elijah Gamache Microbiology Natural Killer Cell Recogniction of Viral Infection: Paired MHC I Receptors Facilitate Viral Detection and Clearance
Christopher Bernardo Medina Microbiology Intercellular metabolite communication via Pannexin 1 coordinates inflammation
Carol Angela Rowley Microbiology Enterobacteriaceae host adaptation driven by intestinal ethanolamine
Tracy Tiffany Wang Microbiology Characterizing and targeting the JAK/STAT pathway in LGL leukemia
James Colin Blair Neuroscience Patterns of Pathological Progression in Parkinson¿s Disease Revealed Through Cytoarchitectonic Mapping of Brain MRI
Katrina Colleen McNeely Neuroscience Regulation of Cytokinesis in Neural Stem Cells During Cerebral Cortex Development
Nadine Michel Neuroscience Genomic Stress in Human Neurodevelopment: The Role of p53
Awards and Recognition

Our students have been honored with many prestigious awards and recognition.  Below are just a few of their accomplishments and accolades.

Where to Next?

Our MD students matched into many competitive residency placements