Clinical Skills Center Access

Contact Office: Clinical Skills Center

Oversight Executive: CSC Director (Elizabeth Briere, M.Ed.)

Applies to: This departmental policy applies to all members of the UVA SOM community using the Clinical Skills Center, including our faculty, staff, volunteers, contractors, agents, affiliates, and others providing services to UVA SOM or on behalf of UVA SOM.

Reason for Policy: (taken from UVA SOM Code of Conduct) “UVA SOM community members have a shared responsibility to ensure a safe, secure, and healthy environment for all UVA SOM students, patients, faculty, staff, volunteers, and visitors. UVA SOM community members are expected to…maintain security, including securing UVA SOM assets…

This is an departmental CSC policy designed to ensure that the School of Medicine guidelines outlined above are met.

Faculty, students, and staff are able to use their ID badge to access the Center at all times due to its status as a shelter-in-place site. The Center has multi-million dollar equipment necessitating appropriate and orderly access to protect inventory. The Center also houses confidential case materials, which must be protected. Finally, an access policy must be put in place to ensure the safety of faculty, students, and staff using the Center.

Policy Statement:

  1. General Guidelines
    1. Clinical Skills Center hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.
    2. All use of the Center outside of scheduled curricular activities must be pre-approved by the Center’s Managing Director.
    3. Students and other trainees in the Center must be supervised by a member of faculty or staff at all times.
    4. Access will be monitored by reviewing swipe card logs and surveillance cameras.
    5. Confidential case materials must be locked in the Monitor Room when not in use. Personnel with a CSC key should take reasonable precautions to maintain control of their key. Keys should be given to the minimum necessary number of individuals and returned when no longer needed.


  1. Tours
    1. Visitor groups are allowed to tour the Center with prior approval obtained from Center’s Managing Director.
    2. Tours must be approved at least one week in advance.
    3. Visitor groups shall not be larger than 20 people; larger groups will be split as appropriate.
    4. Visitors may enter the center only under the supervision of a Center employee. Instructions must be followed at all times.
    5. Visitors are not allowed to take photographs or videos while touring the facility unless pre-approved by Center’s Managing Director.
    6. The content of every tour will be designed to fit the nature of the touring group.


  1. Temporary business access
    1. In case temporary access is needed for business purposes, i.e. construction, workshop, conference, etc., such access must be pre-approved by Center’s Managing Director.
    2. The business group representatives shall be accompanied by an employee at all times.


  1. Failure to Adhere to Policy
    1. Students who do not follow this policy will be contacted via email and reminded of the policy. A second incident will result in a Concern Card being submitted.
    2. Faculty and staff who do not follow this policy will be contacted via email and reminded of the policy. A second incident will be referred to SOM administration.


  1. This policy shall be reviewed in June of every year. This schedule exceeds the requirements in Health System Policy 0001.
  2. To reserve the Center, use the Reservation Form.
  3. The Managing Director will review swipe access at least monthly by contacting the ID Office Administrator (currently Donna Cooper).


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Original effective date September 2011. Revised June 2019.