Furlough Procedure for Medical Students

Procedure Name: Furlough Procedure for Medical and Nursing Students Procedure Standard: IC 02.01.01; RI 01.03.01 Revision Date: January 23, 2014 (revised), December 16, 2010 (revised), February 4, 2010 (Rev.), December 11, 2006 (Rev.), January 22, 2004 (Rev.), March 29, 2001 Date Issued: April 1, 2001 Page: Page 1 of 2 Purpose To assist the UVA Medical Center in its duty to protect the welfare and safety of patients and fellow healthcare providers by defining the procedures and circumstances under which Student Health will disclose certain infectious health care information and furlough recommendations for medical and nursing students with patient contact at the UVA Medical Center. Scope: This procedure applies only to Student Health patients who are concurrently participating in educational activities that involve patient contact at the UVA Medical Center through the School of Medicine (“SOM”) or School of Nursing (“SON”). Responsibilities The SOM and SON require all students to execute the Authorization for Release of Health Care Information Form (“Authorization Form”) as a condition of participation in patient contact at the UVA Medical Center. The SOM and SON are responsible for distributing the form to their respective students and for delivering signed forms to Student Health. Student Health medical records is responsible for scanning the form to each patient’s electronic medical record (EMR). Clinicians are responsible for developing a furlough plan based on the process outlined below and for securely communicating this plan to the SOM, SON, and/or Hospital Epidemiology at the UVA Medical Center (“Hospital Epidemiology”), as applicable. Procedure 1. When a SOM or SON student is diagnosed with a communicable illness, the clinician will determine if the student is involved in direct patient care. The clinician will also consult the Patient Summary Screen under the Consent category of the EMR to determine if the patient has a signed Authorization Form on file. If no Authorization Form is on file, the student will be asked to complete one (form is available on SH intranet site, under forms heading “SOM/SON Auth for Release of Health Care Information”). 2. The Student Health clinician will consult the Student Health Furlough Protocol Manual for guidance on furlough recommendations. The Manual has been approved by Hospital Epidemiology and is based upon guidance from UVA Medical Center Infection Control, UVA Medical Center Employee Health, CDC, and OSHA. A furlough plan, which includes recommendations for medical clearance, will be developed and communicated clearly to the student. 3. After consulting the Manual, the Student Health clinician will complete the Report of Furlough for Medical Condition, found as a template titled “Furlough” in EMR (found under “forms”) and review it with the patient. The clinician will inform the patient that the furlough form will be faxed to their respective school and Hospital Epidemiology, if indicated. If the patient declines consent, the Student Health clinician shall remind the patient of the Authorization Form he/she filed as a condition of clinical placement. a. If the patient consents, the Student Health clinician will transmit the Report of Furlough for Medical Condition to the SOM, SON, and/or Hospital Epidemiology via secure facsimile. b. If the patient refuses consent and the Student Health clinician believes the patient’s condition poses a direct threat to the health or safety of Medical Center patients and/or health care workers, the clinician shall notify his/her Director and/or the Executive Director of Student Health. The Executive Director shall consult University General Counsel for privileged legal guidance and respond consistent with that guidance.