We wish to provide assistance to students who request modification of the timing of their curriculum for reasons of maternity, paternity or adoption. We believe that there should be flexibility in this assistance based on the following principles.

  1. Each request for modification will be considered on an individual basis. Requests should be made to the College Dean in the Office for Student Affairs.
  2. The educational requirements of the year in question must be met before a student can proceed to the next step in the curriculum, or to graduation.
  3. Subject to the requirements of licensing bodies, students may be able to meet educational requirements through adjustments in the timing of courses, clerkships, selectives or electives. Adjustments in timing must be made through the Office for Student Affairs will approval of the College Dean and the respective director.
  4. All arrangements will be dependent upon the availability of learning experience(s) of adequate quality to allow all educational objectives to be met.

updated: 11/2011