Pursuit of a Second Degree

Students in the School of Medicine may elect to expand their experience and training in related areas. These include programs leading to a Masters in Public Health, a Masters in Business Administration degree, a degree in Law or Masters in Clinical Research from the University of Virginia or other universities. Students will be allowed to withdraw from the School of Medicine, complete their second degree, and return to the School of Medicine under the following conditions:

  • Approval for the second degree program and the appropriate time away must be obtained in advance from the students College Dean for Student Affairs in the School of Medicine.
  • Students seeking a second degree are expected to complete the first three years of the medical curriculum (clerkships) and take USMLE Step 2 CK and CS before beginning the second degree program.
  • The student is responsible for making application to the second degree program.
  • The University of Virginia School of Medicine is not responsible for financial aid for students enrolled in a second degree program.
  • Students must complete a fourth year curriculum requirements after completing the second degree program. It is anticipated that students will pursue electives or activities that will allow them to integrate and apply their unique expertise to medicine. Elective credit will not be granted for second degrees, with the exception for students in the UVa dual M.D./Ph.D. degree program, the UVa dual M.D./M.P.H, the UVa dual M.D./M.B.A, the UVa dual M.D./J.D, the dual M.D./M.S.D.S., or the dual M.D./M.S.-C.R.. as outlined in the policy related to each .