Planning Your Trip

Host Program sponsored by Med Alumni

Consider staying with U.Va. medical alumni hosts during your residency interviews!

Keep the UVA Medical Alumni Association’s Host Program in mind as you start to receive your residency interview schedule. The Host Program is a great opportunity for you to connect with UVA medical alumni and former housestaff who are offering such things as free accommodations, meals, transportation and information on residency programs while you are traveling to their hometown for your interviews.


  • Write or call for an interview slot EARLY, as they fill up quickly in competitive programs. Extinguish the idea that you will be remembered more if you have a late interview – by January you may have run out of money or enthusiasm for interviewing.
  • Book with U.Va. for an early interview. These dates don’t fill as quickly and will give you a chance to gain experience in a familiar setting.
  • Be consistently respectful and courteous to the administrative staff who schedule the interviews. A negative comment from an offended secretary can quickly sabotage an otherwise excellent application.
  • Plan your interviews carefully and remember the dangers of inclement weather during interview season.
  • One week before your interview, call to confirm your appointment. Be sure to know the exact time and place of the interview, the name of the residency, and proper pronunciation of the interviewer’s name. Ask whether all of your materials (letters of recommendation, MSPE, etc…) are in your file.
  • Be on time for your interview. If you cannot keep an appointment for any reason, it is imperative that you notify the program in advance.
  • Dress appropriately; avoid extremes of dress, hairstyle, or make-up that may detract from an otherwise favorable impression.
  • Researching a residency prior to an interview is a must. Try to acquire ample information. That will enable you to understand the program, to ask intelligent questions, and to sell yourself.