The Interview

The Interview

Some of the keys to selection are maturity, responsibility, enthusiasm, articulateness, and professional competence. The questions asked during an interview either directly or indirectly attempt to shed some light on these critical factors.

Ask Questions

Be sure to ask some intelligent questions about the program. Have in mind two or three questions you want to ask the interviewer before you report for the interview.

Sell Yourself

Conduct yourself as if you are determined to get the position you are discussing. Stress your positive attributes; avoid giving the impression that you have come to look over the possibilities and that you’re not sure what you want. Why should they remember you? Leave them with one idea, interest, or activity that they will remember. Are you a gourmet cook, have you climbed Mt. Everest, are you going to bike across the USA? What can you contribute to the program?


A thank-you letter following an interview is appropriate.