Click here for current NRMP Fees

You can rank up to 20 programs at no additional charge. If you certify a rank order list with more than 20 programs (or more than 30 if you a couples matching) extra fees will be due at the time of certification.

Important NRMP Information

ERAS is the site where you apply to the programs,

NRMP is the is the site where you rank the programs and the programs rank you for the Match.

Make a list of programs that you are interested in. How? Start by talking with your advisor, faculty & residents. Then consult FREIDA for detailed information.

Review & refine your list of programs; request information and/or application materials from the programs if need be. The web information may well be sufficient. Contact programs via email, mail, or phone if you are in doubt.

Rank Order Lists:

If applying in a highly competitive area, it is advisable to include a back-up preliminary program in medicine or surgery, or in an alternative specialty
students use the NRMP web site to enter their NRMP rank order lists in mid-January to early-February

Each time you make a change, you must RE-CERTIFY.

NO ONE can see your Rank Order List but you, not Student Affairs and not a program.

A Match is a contract, so if you don’t want to go there, DO NOT rank them.


Withdraw from NRMP Match

Please contact Katherine Yates to withdraw.


If you wait until the last minute and encounter problems with the web site, you could wait your way right out of a residency! There are no provisions or exceptions made for server problems. So, be sure to certify it when you enter your Rank Order List, and each and every time time you go into your list thereafter. Whether you make a change or not. If you fail to certify and/or recertify your rank list, you will not be included in the Match! Any questions please call the NRMP toll free at 1-866-617-5838.