Amy Crumb, MD

Amy Crumb

1st-Year Resident

Medical College of Wisconsin


Hi! I’m Amy. I was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin and stayed there for undergrad (UW-Milwaukee) and med school (Medical College of Wisconsin). I’m one of the integrated IR residents and due to virtual interviews matched here sight unseen, so I feel really fortunate to have had such a positive experience with my co-residents. The city is gorgeous and there are a ton of restaurants I’m excited to try out!

More general “about me” stuff:

  • Live with my husband (also in medicine)
  • We’ve got some cats that are pretty cool but we want to get a dog at some point
  • I like baking bread and sweets
  • I also like eating
  • Bring me food
  • I like the idea of hiking but haven’t actually explored much yet
  • Used to play more videogames, harder to find time for it now 🙁
  • Open to bad movie nights or book clubs