Shockley Nunnery, MD

Shockley Nunnery

1st-Year Resident

University of Virginia


Hey everyone, I’m Shockley Nunnery. I grew up in Atlanta and went to the University of Georgia for undergrad. I moved Charlottesville for medical school and business school. When I learned that I would be starting my career as a surgeon at UVA, I could not have been more excited. This is an incredible place with amazing people. Our faculty are excellent educators and our upper levels are both patient and helpful. UVA is a great place to start your career as a technically proficient, thoughtful, and innovative surgeon. Some of my favorite things about Charlottesville include our access to hikes and watering holes just a quick moped ride outside of town and the live music scene on the corner and the downtown mall. If you end up here, you might even see some of my old med school band’s t shirts around town (Med Zeppelin, or the band formerly known as the Flu Fighters, the Goo Goo Docs, and Gangrene Day).