NIH/NHLBI, R01 HL157407
MPI: Laubach/Sonkusare, 4/2021 – 3/2025
Role of TRPV4 channel signaling in lung ischemia-reperfusion injury
This project studies the role of endothelial TRPV4 calcium channels in lung ischemia-reperfusion injury and how TRPV4 channel function is mediated by purinergic signaling following ischemia-reperfusion.

NIH/NHLBI, R01 HL142110
MPI: Laubach/Kron, 4/2018 – 3/2023
In vivo lung perfusion for the surgical treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome.
This project aims to advance a novel in vivo lung perfusion (IVLP) method as a targeted therapy to treat severe ARDS. This strategy involves the controlled isolation of lungs for the delivery of targeted therapeutics to the injured lung inside the body.

NIH/NHLBI, T32 HL007849
PD: Laubach/Kron,  7/2000 – 6/2026
CardioThoracic Surgery Research Training Program.
This award provides training for surgery residents (6/year) in cardiovascular research with a goal of developing academic surgeon-scientists. This program entails close collaboration of residents with basic scientists and surgery faculty.

NIH/NHLBI, K08 HL146995
PI: Roeser,  5/2019 – 4/2024
The next step: Regadenoson mitigates ischemia-reperfusion injury and is renal protective in a 48 hour porcine model of resuscitative ECMO.
This proposal builds upon our successful 6-hour porcine model and extend it to 48 hours to fully assess organ injury and recovery using an FDA-approved Adenosine 2A Receptor agonist (Regadenoson) to maximize the clinical translatability and bring this therapy to patients.

NIH/NHLBI, R01 HL133293
PI: Laubach,  4/2017 – 3/2022
Pannexin-1 signaling in lung ischemia-reperfusion injury.

This project studies the role of pannexin-1-released ATP and purinergic signaling in vascular inflammation during ischemia-reperfusion injury after lung transplantation.

NIH/NHLBI, R01 HL130053
MPI: Laubach/Kron,  2/2017 – 1/2022
Adenosine A2 receptors and imaging of inflammation in lung reperfusion injury.
This project aims to develop cell-specific, molecular imaging probes for the early detection of lung ischemia-reperfusion injury after transplantation. Methods to target neutrophils, endothelium, or macrophages are being studied using SPECT or PET imaging.

NIH/NHLBI, R01 HL119218
MPI: Kron/Laubach,  8/2013 – 7/2019 (NCE)
Ex vivo perfusion in a lung box for rehabilitation of donor lungs.
This project studies the application of ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) and treatment with adenosine A2A receptor agonist  to rehabilitate DCD (donation after circulatory death) lungs for successful transplantation.

Pennsylvania Cystic Fibrosis, Inc, Research Grant (PACFI)
PI: Laubach,  1/2019 – 12/2019
Improving outcomes of lung transplantation for cystic fibrosis patients via early diagnosis of primary graft dysfunction by PET imaging using a VCAM-1 targeting agent.
This grant explores the use of a VCAM-1 tetrapetide probe as a PET imaging agent for detection of vascular inflammation after lung transplantation.

NIH/NHLBI, R01 HL092953
MPI: Laubach/Kron,  8/2008 – 3/2013
Adenosine receptor activation and lung ischemia reperfusion injury

Roche Organ Transplant Research Foundation, Meggen, Switzerland, Research Grant
PI: Laubach,  2/2009 – 1/2011
Attenuation of lung reperfusion injury by adenosine A2A receptor activation

NIH/NHLBI, R01 HL077301
PI: Laubach (PI),  5/2005 – 4/2010.
Resident leukocytes in lung ischemia-reperfusion injury

NIH/NHLBI, R01 HL56093
PI: Kron, 7/1997 – 6/2007
Protection of the pulmonary vascular endothelium

NIH/NHLBI, R01 HL67780
PI: Laubach,  4/2002 – 3/2007
Nitric oxide regulation of compensatory lung growth

American Lung Association, Career Investigator Award
PI: Laubach,   7/2003 – 6/2006
Mechanisms of unequal lobar growth in post-pneumonectomy lung growth

Commonwealth Neurotrama Initiative, Virginia Dept of Rehabilitative Services
PI: Kern,  8/2002 -7/2005
Adenosine A2A agonists in the treatment of acute spinal cord injury

Falk Medical Research Trust, Research Grant
PI: Kron,  1/2001 – 12/2004
Role of inflammation in serious and incurable diseases

American Heart Association, Grant-in-Aid
PI: Kron, 1/2002 – 12/2004
Lung protection following transplantation

Virginia Thoracic Society, Research Grant
PI: Laubach,  7/2001 – 6/2003
Nitric oxide regulation of compensatory lung growth

PI: Kron,  4/1993 – 3/2002
Living related pulmonary lobar transplantation

American Heart Association
PI: Laubach,  7/1999 – 6/2001
Mechanisms of cellular growth in reduced-size lung transplantation