Available Services

The services below are available only to University of Virginia researchers

  • baculovirus titering
  • amplification and titration of high-titer recombinant baculovirus stock
  • scale up of virus innocula and protein production in suspension (wave mixer up to 10 liters)
  • post-infection harvest of insect cells and supernatant
  • co-infection for production of protein of interest
  • Mycoplasma testing of cell lines within an hour depending on work load
  • cell storage in liquid nitrogen
  • ordering cell lines from ATCC upon request of the PI
  • expanding and creating frozen cells stock
  • technical support and consultation
  • sterile hood space for new investigators needing tissue culture space
  • educational services through individual training courses
  • sponsoring of technical seminars dealing with topics in the field of cell culture
Ordering Cells

To order cells, come to the Tissue Culture Facility Pinn Hall room 234 to complete an order form and discuss the order with Nena Fox.