Obtaining Products and Services


All supplies, whether formerly Tissue Culture or Molmart are in room 226 Pinn Hall ( (2nd floor, near walkway to Primary Care, near stairwell 4-see map below).

  • For self service, come with PTAO card ( 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F)
  • Find media in cold cabinets, buffers and pipet tips in cabinets against wall nearest to hall.
  • Checkout using bar code scanners -see directions. PTAO card needed.
  • Bills will be sent the next month.

Ordering Cells

Complete order form in the Tissue Culture Facility and discuss the order with Nena Fox in Pinn Hall room 2-34

Mycoplasma Testing

Directions for a mycoplasma test on the Cell Services and Tests page.

Cell services are now in Pinn Hall room 2-34

Tissue Culture and Product Core