Self Service Checkout

Using PTAO card and scanner for self service

With appropriate software, you can print to a pdf file.
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Ordering on the web

  • Go to catalog at:
  • Note that as of February 2012, there is a $5 delivery charge.
  • Order media, reagents and other items that were Tissue Culture Facility items from Vendor:TCF found in the drop down list of the Search box.
  • In the Search box (left upper corner), choose All Stocked Items from the drop down list and click Go.
  • Put the number of each item you want in the box at the end of the line.
  • Click Add to Cart. Do not press Enter.
  • If you press enter, the last selected item disappears from your list.
  • You can look at your list of items by clicking View Cart.
  • Either Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout or change number of items by clicking Update Cart.
  • Enter requested information.
  • After you click Submit, you should soon receive an automated email confirming your order. If not, it may not have been received.

Self Service

PTAO card

You need a PTAO card from the Integrated System. You may need a department administrator to do this.

Start VPN and log in.

Got to

Click PTAO Generator half way down page on right side.


Self Service in Jordan room 226

  • Scan PTAO card with wand style scanner (LS2208). Ensure the red light covers the code, you may need to vary the distance between the scanner and code; a beep and flash of the green light signifies recognition of the code. You cannot successfully scan a PTAO card with the short squat scanner. If your PTAO has a task section longer than 3 characters, we cannot scan a PTAO card; ask staff to print a bar code by an alternate method.
  • You may be asked for your name. Use the on-screen keyboard; the eraser end of a pencil may work better than a finger.
    Erase characters with backspace key. If you wait to erase characters, you may have to try to move the cursor to the end of the line.
  • Then scan items with the short, squat scanner (you will see lines of light jumping around) or if more convenient, the wand style scanner.
  • If you are picking up several of one item e.g 5 bottles of media, you need to scan each item i.e. 5 scans of the media bottle.
  • If you are buying a case of an item, scan the bar code from the white folder labeled Bar Code Book containing bar codes for cases of items.
  • When finished, touch the Submit Order button.
  • If you start an order, but do not complete it, the program will automatically submit the (incomplete) order after 2 minutes.