Content Thread Leaders

Thread Leader Job Description

Thread Leader(s) will work closely with the course, system, clerkship, and other leaders as appropriate to establish the goals, learning objectives, and teaching and learning methods for their subject discipline across the undergraduate medical education curriculum. They will aid in the operation and administration of their discipline components and are charged with actively supporting curricular innovation and improvement and with providing content material that will make the unit succeed in its aims.

Specifically, Thread Leader(s) will:

  • Monitor and evaluate the delivery of subject material across the continuum of the undergraduate medical education curriculum to ensure the orderly sequence of knowledge, skills, and behaviors
  • Work collaboratively with System Leaders to:
    • determine appropriate thread content, learning objectives, and learning methods
    • determine the scheduling and placement of structured learning and assessment activities
    • identify faculty for learning activities based on expertise and teaching ability
    • create assessment items consistent with their specific discipline and NBME guidelines for MCQs
    • approve sessions, learning objectives and resources, and instructions to students in X-CREDiT
  • Liaise with Clerkship Directors and others to devise methods to integrate their content into the clerkship and elective programs
  • Attend a majority of the Pre-Clerkship meetings held the second Wednesday of the month, 4-5 p.m.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Curriculum Evaluation (Elizabeth Bradley) to evaluate the processes and outcomes of the subject discipline through the preclinical and clinical years
  • Report annually to the Curriculum Committee on how the content integrates across the undergraduate medical education curriculum

List of Thread Leaders

Anatomy/Physiology: David Moyer, 924-1896

Biochemistry: Selina Noramly, PhD, 924-2681

Cell Biology: Bob Bloodgood, PhD, 924-1739

Cultural Humility/Competency: Gauri Raval, MD, , 434-980-6555

Disabilities: Geoff Smith, MD, 243-4854

Epidemiology: Carlene Muto, MD, 243-9552

Genomic Medicine: Eli Williams, PhD, 924-3627

Histopathology: Robin LeGallo, MD, 243-0821

Human Sexuality/LGBT: Dana Redick, MD, 243-4570 Megan Bray, MD, FACOG,, 243-4570

Immunology: Tim Bender, PhD, 924-1246

Infectious Diseases: Shannon Moonah, MD, 243-9142

Information Sciences: Karen Knight, 924-0056

Inter-professional Education: Chris Peterson, MD, 924-2773

Imaging/Radiology: Juan Olazagasti, MD, 243-9920

Leadership: Linda Waggoner-Fountain, MD, 4-5321 Leigh-Ann Webb, MD, 4-8485

Neuroscience: Mary Kate Worden, PhD, 924-7042

Nutrition: Joann McDermid, PhD, 924-5995

Pain Management: Lynda Wells, MBBS, FRCA, 924-2283

Palliative Care: Leslie Blackhall, MD, 243-5730

Pharmacology: Carl Creutz, PhD, 924-5029

Professionalism/Ethics/Medical Humanities: Donna Chen, MD, MPH, 243-5804

Public Health – System Based Practice: B. Cameron Webb, MD, 984-2472

Quality/Patient Safety: John Dent, MD, PhD, 982-1414

Translational Medicine: TBD