Throughout All Four Years

Patient Student Partnership (PSP):

The Patient Student Partnership (PSP), provides students an opportunity to develop longitudinal patient relationships in their first year of medical school. Each student is assigned a chronically ill or elderly patient teacher in the first semester and will follow the patient through the fourth year of medical school. Students are mentored in this first patient relationship by their physician coaches.  The patient teachers are volunteers from clinic sites associated with the students’ learning communities. Learn More

Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM):

Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM) aims to develop history taking, relationship building, physical examination, differential diagnosis, and diagnostic reasoning skills through case-based exercises. The course runs concurrently with and is integrated into the morning curriculum. FCM-1 consists primarily of small group sessions led by physician coaches and non-physician co-coaches engaging patients, standardized patients, and simulation to introduce and foster clinical skills. Students will spend four hours per week of the pre-clerkship semesters in FCM-1. They will meet with their mentors and groups throughout the four years of medical school. The time spent in FCM-1 will help create the foundation for students as physicians. Morning lectures will concern themselves primarily with basic science knowledge. The practice of medicine—both the science and the art in all of its subtleties—is the focus of FCM.