System Leader Selection Criteria

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System Leader positions should be advertised throughout appropriate department(s).

Selection Criteria:

A faculty member nominated for a system leadership position in the School of Medicine curriculum should have a demonstrated record of excellence in educational activities.  They should preferably have three years of faculty experience in a related discipline. Guidelines for System Administration are stated in the current job description.

Approval Process:

Names of nominees should be submitted to the Curriculum Committee for consideration with an accompanying curriculum vitae, supporting educational activity documentation and letter(s) from the candidate’s Chair and/or designee, e.g. Division Head. Whenever possible more than one nomination is preferred. The Curriculum Committee will evaluate the nominations and interview select candidates. The Curriculum Committee’s selection will be reviewed with the Chair.

Appointment Terms:

The System Leader’s term of appointment is for three years with an annual review and renewal process. The annual review would be reviewed with the Chair. Should probation or removal of a system leader become a possibility, the Curriculum Committee will consult with the Chair to determine a course of action.  In the event of differences between Chair and Curriculum Committee the Dean will mediate.


  1. The Office of the Dean provides 0.1 FTE for each year as system leader and .7 FTE during the weeks of the system.

     [Thus we pay for and expect a minimum of ~4 hours per week on average throughout the year for planning, developing educational materials and meetings; during the System weeks a minimum of 4 hours per day for structured class and additional time (2-3 hours) for writing questions, answering students, dealing with administrative and organizational issues.]

  2. Administrative support is provided through the Office of Medical Education.

  3. Faculty development programs for system leaders  and system participants are available.