Curriculum Committee Minutes 10/15/18

October 25, 2018 by

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Curriculum Committee

Minutes – 10.15.18

MCBR, #2700 -4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were:

Chair (votes only to break a tie): Megan Bray

Voting: Juliana Bueno, Donna Chen, Katharine DeGeorge, Aaron Freilich, Fern Hauck, Barry Hinton, Paul Kunk, Robin LeGallo, Keith Littlewood, Vishal Madaan, Juan Olazagasti, Margaret Plews-Ogan, Steven Powell, Neeral Shah, Ryan Smith, Carlos Tache-Leon

Students: Brielle Gerry, Vat Patel, Ory Streeter, Erin Adonnino, John Popovich, Monet Lane, Logan Shelnutt

Non-voting: Gretchen Arnold, Elizabeth Bradley, Maryellen Gusic, Mark Moody, Selina Noramly, Bill Wilson

Staff: Bobbi May

Guests: Matthew Trowbridge

Minutes Reviewed/Accepted. The Committee unanimously approved the minutes from the September 24, 2018 meeting.

Educational Fellowship Presentation, “Develop a Series of Interactive Workshops Teaching Design Thinking to Future Physicians” – Matthew Trowbridge, MD, MPH. Dr. Trowbridge began his presentation by expressing his gratitude for the project funding. He started this project in 2015 by teaching design thinking to 1st-year medical students in monthly 4-hour workshops. He gave a brief explanation of the concept of design thinking; listening with empathy, synthesizing information and reframing the problem to decide what is best or most important for the user. Under this premise, the students were able to view various problems as potential opportunities while generating many solutions and creating diverse options. The enrollment in this extracurricular workshop has doubled since its inception and Dr. Trowbridge is looking forward to the future, continuing work on this valuable project.

System Review, MBB – Elizabeth Bradley, PhD. Dr. Bradley presented her System Review Report for MBB in her usual format.  The document was sent to members electronically prior to the meeting for their individual review. Time was allotted for discussion and questions.

Conclusions/Recommendations from 2018 Report:

The variety of engaging, clinically relevant learning sessions: Like last year and several years past, the students voiced their appreciation of the wide variety of active, clinically focused, and engaging learning sessions in MBB. From thought-provoking TBLs and small group discussions to strong problem sets to interesting labs, the students felt the sessions helped solidify and bring greater understanding of the complex content. Additionally, they appreciated the review and revisiting of the material across the System.

The organization of content and quizzing: The students had mixed reactions to the overall organization of the System. Some students appreciated the breadth of topics that were covered and reviewed across the System. Another group felt that some content areas would be more effectively learned if they were temporally grouped, rather than spread across several weeks. Some students referred to prior Systems (specifically GI) as a model for their overall organizational approach to the content. A portion of students commented that they appreciated the frequent quizzing, but another portion voiced concern about the weighting of some of these quizzes and the effect poor performance on them could have on the module grade. The System Leaders should carefully consider the specific content areas that students identified as concerning to determine if adjustments should be made for next year. These could include Anatomy content and stroke and cranial nerve content.

The Psychiatry thread: Students, in general, find the Psychiatry content very interesting, but voice concerns about the substantial pre-class prep with long PRLs. Some students also voiced concern about the content being older in nature and need revision to bring in more recent statistics. Perennially the students ask for the sessions to be recorded, but to date, this has not occurred. It is recommended that the resources, approach, and organization of the Psychiatry thread be reviewed.

Clerkship Director Survey – Elizabeth Bradley, PhD. Dr. Bradley presented the results of the annual survey of Clerkship Directors regarding third-year student performance at the end of the first 12-week clerkship block. In general, the clerkship directors found SMD20 as well prepared as previous classes overall and specifically on basic physical examination skills and basic science knowledge. About one-third (1/3) of respondents indicated some concern about their early ability to present patient cases or formulate a basic assessment and rudimentary management plan. The current changes being made to the Foundations of Clinical Medicine Course for SMD22 should help to address these concerns and will be tracked as this class transitions to their clinical third year in the future.

Nomination, Epidemiology Thread Leader – Carlene Muto, MD. Current Epidemiology Thread Leader, Dr. Paul Targonski has accepted a new position outside of the University causing a vacancy in this position.   Drs. Mitchell Rosner, Chair, Department of Medicine, and Ruth Gaare Bernheim, Chair, Department of Public Health Sciences both offered a recommendation for Dr. Carlene Muto to be appointed to this position. The Committee discussed Dr. Muto’s qualifications and no concerns were voiced. Her CV had been provided electronically for review prior to the meeting.

VOTE: The Committee voted unanimously to approve Dr. Muto as Epidemiology Thread Leader.

Nomination, Geriatrics Clerkship Director – Justin Mutter, MD and Christina Tieu, MD. The Department of Internal Medicine informed the Curriculum Committee that Dr. Huai Cheng is stepping down as Director of the Geriatric Clerkship to pursue other clinical and educational opportunities.   Drs. Justin Mutter and Christian Tieu were nominated as Geriatrics Co-Clerkship Directors. Dr. Mohan Nadkarni, Chief of Geriatrics Division, offered his recommendation for both of their appointments.   Dr. Justin Mutter is currently the Assistant Clerkship Director for Geriatrics. The Committee discussed Dr. Mutter and Dr. Tieu’s qualifications separately and no concerns were voiced for either candidate.

VOTE: The Committee voted unanimously to approve Drs. Justin Mutter and Christina Tieu as Geriatrics Co-Clerkship Directors.



Note: The next Curriculum Committee meeting will be held on Monday, November 12, 2018 in MCBR, #2700.

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