Clerkship Committee Minutes 02/12/2018

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­University of Virginia School of Medicine

Clerkship Director Meeting

Minutes – 2.12.18

MCBR, #2700, 5:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Vaia Abatzis, Ashok Asthagiri, Jonathan Black, Elizabeth Bradley, Megan Bray, Catherine Casey, Huai Cheng, Katherine Fedder, Jeff Gander, Maryellen Gusic, Evan Heald, Pam Herrington, Molly Hughes, Katherine Latimer, Meredith Lee, Eugene McGahren, John McNeil, Linda Martin, Jeremy Middleton, Alex Millard, Mark Moody, Yvonne Newberry, Anneke Schroen, Binit Shah, Ryan Smith, Guillermo Solorzano, Heather Streich, Amita Sudhir, William Wilson, David Craig, Rebecca Hensley, LeAnn Hopkins, Freda McClung, Lisa Morton, Debbie Perry, KarenMarie Smith, Jessica Tawney, Heather Trainum, Karen Ward, Kyle Williams, Nell Brooks-Harlow, Bobbi May.

Guests: Kim Holman, Meg Keeley, Jim Martindale

Clerkship Director Updates. Megan Bray reminded the group of several transitions occurring in the Clerkships and introduced the incoming Clerkship Directors. Dr. Katherine Latimer will assume the role of OB/GYN Clerkship Director and Yvonne Newberry will remain as Assistant Director. Additionally, Dr. Justin Mutter is transitioning into the Clerkship Assistant Director position in Geriatrics, with Dr. Huai Cheng to remain as Director.

VMED – Kim Holman. Kim Holman, Senior IT Project Manager, offered an update on the VMED project. This project is essentially an electronic platform which will serve to bring all of the Medical Education resources used to schedule, monitor and evaluate students under one umbrella. She explained that the process has many components, is well underway and will be released in segments. She will return periodically to provide project status updates.

BME/NIH Grant and Intersection with Clerkships – Meg Keeley. Dr. Meg Keeley explained a new grant which is being utilized by 5 pre-med students who will be long-term observers shadowing other med-students. They will go through the same preparation as our medical students, but will not participate in direct patient contact. They will be onsite in the clinical environment to identify possible areas where biomedical engineering could make a difference. They will meet with BME faculty to discuss the development and implementation of potential projects which will then serve to build the curriculum for future students. She asked that Directors let her know the availability or lack of, to allow for these students on their clerkships. This is a project slated for the summer (mid-May to last week of July) and has funding for the next four summers.

NBME Shelf Exam. Dr. Megan Bray advised the group that with recent changes to the leadership of several clerkships it may be beneficial for newer directors to take their respective shelf exams. The NBME will allow faculty to sit for an exam in their arena, once per year. No results are shared from this examination, but it is felt to be a good way to set the framework for the level of teaching to 3rd-year students. It is estimated that this examination will take approximately 4 hours. A doodle poll to secure a time and date will be sent to those faculty who have expressed an interest.

Requirement Checklists. Mark Moody sent an email regarding the update of requirement checklists prior to the new clerkship year which begins, February 26. Activities that will now be done in the EPA realm may be considered for removal from checklists. Please reply to Mark’s email with changes to clinical conditions or requirement checklists as soon as possible. Dr. Bray encouraged everyone to present this topic at faculty meetings and briefly educate faculty on how to access the checklists within Oasis. This can be as simple as showing 3 or 4 screenshots to identify where the checklists are located and how to complete them. This will assist in making this process less onerous for faculty who may not be as familiar with Oasis while providing vital feedback for the student.

Oasis Evaluation and Grading. The new Oasis student evaluation form will go into effect on February 26. (Grades for this year will be completed within the old system.) Dr. Bray briefly reviewed the list of questions and how final grades should be entered and viewed. Going forward, the formula used will unify all clerkships to one grading scale. She asked Directors to speak to their faculty about the inherent difference in grading a student at the beginning of their clerkship year as opposed to the end of the year. Dr. Bray provided a list of grades and their point values and asked that this be disseminated to all faculty as well. Dr. Meg Keeley added the Clerkship Director’s final summary is the only commentary that gets loaded into the MSPE and should only include information relating to the students capabilities or deficiencies. Many times commentary is very rich but is not listed in the final summary which is a disservice to the student.

Mid-Clerkship Feedback Form. Dr. Bray reiterated that this form is to be used mid-way through a student’s rotation to offer feedback and identify any problems which may need to be addressed. Information should be gathered from multiple faculty, residents, and fellows to allow for an optimal assessment of the students’ performance. The form may be submitted electronically unless the student is having a problem that needs to be addressed, or, if a Director feels a meeting with the students is needed. An additional column will be added to indicate if a student cannot be evaluated on an activity at the time of review. The updated form will be sent electronically to Directors.

Note: Next meeting, JOINT CLERKSHIP MEETING – Wednesday, March 21, 2018, in CMMEB, 3rd Floor Auditorium.


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