Clerkship Committee Minutes 04/24/2017

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­University of Virginia School of Medicine

Clerkship Director Meeting

Minutes – 04.24.17

CMMEB, #G165 5:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were:Vaia Abatzis, Nassima Ait-Daoud Tiouririne, Ashok Asthagiri, Jonathan Black, Megan Bray, Catherine Casey, Huai Cheng, Fedder Katherine, Thomas Gampper, Jose Gurrola, Maryellen Gusic, Winston Gwathmey, Debbie Handy, Evan Heald, Pam Herrington, Nancy McDaniel, Eugene McGahren, John McNeil, Mark Mendelsohn, Mark Moody, Yvonne Newberry, Anneke Schroen, Binit Shah, Ryan Smith, Guillermo Solorzano, Heather Streich, Amita Sudhir, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, William Wilson, Brian Wispelwey, Vickie Aylor, David Craig, Rebecca Hensley, LeAnn Hopkins, Freda McClung, Lisa Morton, Debbie Perry, KarenMarie Smith, Jessica Tawney, Heather Trainum, Karen Ward, Kyle Willams, Bobbi May (Administrative Cord.)

Oasis Evaluation Modifications and Updates – Bradley. Recently it was noted that Oasis evaluations had multiple settings which were not standardized across clerkships. The following list includes settings which directors and coordinators are asked to follow;

Faculty and Student Performance Evaluations:

  • Open and close dates; open the first day of the rotation/close two weeks after end date.
  • Assignment of faculty and student evaluations;
    • Faculty evaluation of student: evaluations will be assigned by coordinators based on student schedule; (any faculty or housestaff member a student may come into contact with while on their rotation should be assigned an evaluation. If that person does not work with the student, they may remove the evaluation.
    • Student evaluation of faculty; coordinators will assign as above eliminating the need for a student to add evaluators.
  • Review faculty and housestaff rosters for accuracy within Oasis after new onboarding. Email include a list of current faculty and make a request to remove those individuals no longer associated with your clerkship.
  • Require a final course grade before releasing the student performance evaluations.
  • Number of evaluations a student is required to complete to receive grade: (To be determined-number or %)

End of Clerkship Course Evaluations:

  • Opens one week prior to the first day of the rotation and closes two weeks after the end of the rotation.


Updated Grading Components – Bradley.  Dr. Bradley reviewed the revised grading components for each clerkship. She informed the Directors that the professionalism grading component is already being covered by three questions within Oasis. Some clerkships had an additional professionalism component separate from Oasis that needs to be removed to standardize credit received. If grading has already occurred with this in place, Directors and Coordinators should roll this component into the clinical grade and use the updated method.

Modification of Student Narrative to Fulfill AAMC/MSPE Requirements – Linda Waggoner-Fountain. Directors were provided documentselectronically to ensure requirements are met when completing student narratives.

Review of Student Note Writing/Pend Orders in EPIC – Bray. Dr. Bray provided a document for screen by screen instructions on inpatient note and order writing for students. Faculty should utilize simple student note and order writing as an aid to their clinical duties and to offer the student an ability to be a part of the patients care. Faculty should review the note and then after making revisions or suggestions, the note becomes theirs. Please identify the tasks on your service that students may assist with and then begin to slowly implement those.

Improve Item Writing Quality – Bray. Dr. Bray explained, if using our testing system the format of patient vignette must match USMLE guidelines. Directors were provided documents for item templates to ensure compliance is met.


Note: The next meeting will be held on Monday, May 22, in CMMEB, #G165.

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