Clerkship Committee Minutes 05/21/2018

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­University of Virginia School of Medicine

Clerkship Director Meeting

Minutes – 5.21.18

MCBR, #2700, 5:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Vaia Abatzis, Ashok Asthagiri, Jonathan Black, Elizabeth Bradley, Megan Bray, Catherine Casey, Huai Cheng, Katherine Fedder, Jeff Gander, Maryellen Gusic, Evan Heald, Pam Herrington, Molly Hughes, Katherine Latimer, Meredith Lee, John McNeil, Linda Martin, Jeremy Middleton, Alex Millard, Mark Moody, Yvonne Newberry, Binit Shah, Ryan Smith, Guillermo Solorzano, Annie Way, Heather Streich, Amita Sudhir, William Wilson, David Craig, Rebecca Hensley, LeAnn Hopkins, Freda McClung, Lisa Morton, Debbie Perry, KarenMarie Smith, Jessica Tawney, Heather Trainum, Karen Ward, Kyle Williams, Nell Brooks-Harlow, Bobbi May.

Clerkship Annual Schedule/Calendar. The calendar for the annual meetings of 2018-2019 was presented. Dates for Joint Clerkship meetings were also contained in this document. No issues or concerns were voiced. Members were asked to make note on their calendars.  Outlook inviataions from Bobbi May will be forthcoming.

Medical Student Attestation. The documentation utilizing Medical Student workflow was reviewed. Dr. Bray asked that all Directors’ ensure that their faculty and residents are aware of and enforce this policy. Dr. Bray asked Mark Moody to make sure we find a place on Student Source to place this instruction document so that students can easily access it. It was also recommended that CD’s place it on their clerkship website.

FCM Coaches/Conflict of Interest. Directors were provided with a list of students from SMD2020 and their FCM Coaches and Deans. In order to eliminate any conflict of interest while on clerkships, Coaches may NOT evaluate their 6-7 students in each SOM class. Attention should be paid when creating schedules for attending coverage on the wards, and which students are paired with whom. This will most directly affect the medicine and pediatric clerkships as they have the largest number of FCM Coach faculty.

Grading Policy Questions. Bray fielded questions regarding new grading calculations for OASIS that began in March 2018. She expressed the importance of evaluators utilizing the same scale, methods and reasoning to evaluate students and the need for this to be reiterated in faculty and resident meetings. This will reduce the confusion associated with grade calculation and will bring all clerkships under a single grading scale. She also suggested that final commentary is written to match the overall grade. She is happy to answer any individual questions as needed.

Practice Shelf Exam. Several Directors’ took a practice shelf exam to assist them in their level of teaching to the clerkship students. This practice exam is available as a review, once per year. It will be offered again in the future for those who were not able to attend.

Student EPA Assessment/Concern Card. Drs. Bray and Gusic explained several issues regarding incomplete student EPA Assessments occurring in the clerkships. Some students neglected to complete any of the required assessments during the first 12-week block. The significant importance of these assessments warranted an implementation by the Curriculum Committee to approve the issuance of a concern card in the event required assessments are not completed beginning in July 2018. Discussion was held amongst members.

Intern Prep Survey. Dr. Bray shared the results from the 2017 graduate survey. A short, several question survey is sent annually to recently graduated students during their intern year as well as their respective residency directors.  Response rates were similar to the past (around 60% for both). The findings were similar to years past, with a slightly higher average rating of interns by Residency Directors this year. The broad themes from the comments this year were the same as last, as well. Specifically, when asked how the SOM could have better prepared the students for residency, 2 broad commentaries were received: 1). Give students more authentic clinical care responsibilities in 3rd and 4th year ( note writing, entering orders, taking pages, doing procedures, etc) and  2). Have all students participate in an Intern Prep Course.  Overall, the Committee felt that the survey indicates we are doing a good job in preparing our students for their first year of residency. Additionally- there are several programs already underway to address their main concerns.  The institution of EPA’s is directly related to giving students a more authentic role in patient care and as of 2018- all students are now required to take an intern preparedness program.

Note: Next meeting, Monday, August 20, 2018, in MCBR, 2700.


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