Clerkship Committee Minutes 01/09/2017

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Clerkship Directors Dinner Meeting 1/09/2017


Attendees: Bray, Cheng, Heald, Herrington, Newberry, Schroen, Solorzano, Sudhir, Waggoner-Fountain, Wispelwey, Streich, Black, Smith, Gusic, LeGallo, Bradley, McDaniel, Mendelsohn, Abatzis, Dent, Moody, Peterson, Casey, May

Agenda and Discussion

  1. EPA Project. Several working groups have been assigned individual tasks related to each EPA to further the work on this project. Each working group was asked to provide:
  • A description of the longitudinal curriculum to teach the functions (content) related to the EPA (s). As a reminder, it is expected that some content will have to be taught in the first, second, third, etc clerkship block no matter which clerkship the student begins the year with.  Additional learning opportunities within specific clerkships can be used to advance learning or add discipline-specific learning related to the EPA as students move across clerkships during the year.
  • A list of established content (tools, resources) that can be used to teach the functions related to the EPA.
  • A description of the longitudinal assessment strategy to assess the functions related to the EPA (s). As a reminder, it is expected that student development towards entrustment will be developmental and early assessments will provide important feedback to the learner but also contribute to the ability to evaluate continued performance ability and refinement of skills across the year.
  • Delineation of a tool or tools to be used across clerkships to assess the functions related to the EPA(s).

Drs. Black, Bradley, Mendelsohn and Dent presented the content which their groups worked to clarify.

Talking points:

  • Master Assessors
  • Accurate Assessment tools
  • Timely Assessment
  • Developing a shared understanding of what successful completion of an EPA means. Unify this understanding across all clerkships.


The next meeting is scheduled for January 23, 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. in the Claude Moore Medical Education Building, G165.

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