Clerkship Committee Minutes 10/15/2018

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­University of Virginia School of Medicine

Clerkship Director Meeting

Minutes – 10.15.18

MCBR, #2700, 5:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Vaia Abatzis, Ashok Asthagiri, Jonathan Black, Elizabeth Bradley, Megan Bray, Catherine Casey, Huai Cheng, Katherine Fedder, Jeff Gander, Maryellen Gusic, Evan Heald, Pam Herrington, Molly Hughes, David Lapides, Katherine Latimer, Meredith Lee, John McNeil, Linda Martin, Jeremy Middleton, Alex Millard, Justin Mutter, Mark Moody, Yvonne Newberry, Binit Shah, Ryan Smith, Annie Way, William Wilson, David Craig, Rebecca Hensley, LeAnn Hopkins, Lisa Morton, Debbie Perry, KarenMarie Smith, Shawnell McCreary, Heather Trainum, Karen Ward, Kyle Williams, Nell Brooks-Harlow, Bobbi May.

Guests: None


  • Review of Documentation. Due to ongoing changes in curriculum including the EPA pilot project, and partnering with Inova, all Clerkship Directors are now asked to reply to emails which contain meeting minutes with the following: “I have reviewed all of the documents attached to this email, and I understand my responsibilities attached to those.”

AAMC CI Student Schedule. Dr. Bray reminded the Directors about the information provided to the AAMC each year regarding clerkships on the Curriculum Inventory Tool. She is working on improving the accuracy of data provided.  As a result she asked Directors to provide a sample of a generic weekly schedule for a student on their clerkship. Lectures, rounds, time in ambulatory, inpatient and OR settings should be captured. These schedules will provide the basis on which additional information will be attached to provide to AAMC.

Clinical Conditions/Clinical Skills Requirements Checklists Revisions – Gusic. Directors were provided their lists of required clinical conditions and clinical skills at the Joint Clerkship meeting in September. They were asked to review the setting, level of responsibility and to list an alternate learning activity. This is to ensure that requirements are being met and alternate activities are within an acceptable percentage. Action: Directors are asked to return their checklists by November 12.

Graduate Questionnaire 2017. Each Clerkship Director was provided the GQ survey electronically. Additionally, each Director received a copy of their individual clerkship information at the meeting. Dr. Bray reviewed the Graduate Questionnaire and reminded the Directors that this information will be included within the clerkship reviews this year, as in the past. Dr. Bray also mentioned incentives geared toward encouraging students to complete this survey.

Mulholland Report Eliminated. Due to the significant delay of the Mulholland Report each year, it will no longer be utilized to provide clerkships with pertinent information. The timing of the report is generally one year after the clerkship rotation is finalized. Instead, the Student Medical Education Committee (SMEC) Representatives will work with Clerkship Directors during the annual Curriculum Committee Clerkship Reviews, to offer information in a more timely fashion.


Note: Next meeting,  Monday, November 12, 2018, in CMMEB.

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