Clerkship Committee Minutes 10/26/15

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Clerkship Directors Meeting 10/26/2015

Attendees: Bray, Cheng, Ham, Herrington, McDaniel, McGahren, Newberry, Solorzano, Sudhir, Waggoner-Fountain, Wispelwey, Wilson, Casey, May, Moody

Agenda and Discussion

Disaster Plan. Discussion will be postponed until the next meeting (11/23) Dr. Densmore needs to be present and is out of town. If there is a disaster on a shelf exam day then the exam will be administered on the following Monday. Each clerkship needs to have a protocol for changes in orientation that Monday, notifying the students where to be and when, notifying the faculty responsible for orientation as well and notification to the faculty and preceptors who are at other sites that the student’s arrival will be at a different time.

Clerkship Grade Book. Presented by Mark Moody to offer insight into the varied components utilized by each of the clerkships within Oasis. The goal is to bring consistency to this process and to make data more easily searched and shared. Mark is meeting with each Clerkship Director/Coordinator individually and will then return to the Director’s meeting to review his findings. It was suggested that all possible components are listed and only the applicable ones are filled in. Neurology has the most components for the grade calculation.

LCME Report. This report was reviewed by Dr. Bray. Specifically, she spoke to learning objectives and the tracking of these threads being critical. Clerkship threads are being documented. Clarity on who will enter this information into xCREDiT is needed. Also, this data must be approved by the clerkship director prior to being entered into xCREDiT. A SOM committee will be formed to ensure vertical and horizontal integration of curriculum.

Discussion of Mulholland Report. One Actionable item from each clerkship. Dr. Waggoner- Fountain asked each Director to refer to the Mulholland report from last year and show one item of change that has been successfully accomplished since that time or one that they are working toward.

EPAs. Dr. Waggoner-Fountain asked that each Director, as part of the Clerkship review from the Curriculum Committee, pull 2 to 3 observable tasks that the students can perform. Example: Ability to write a prescription, obtain consent, writing orders etc.

Action Items:

  • Articulate the disaster plan for your clerkship. Have this ready for the 11/23 meeting
  • List one change resulting from the Mulholland Report, due at the 11/23 meeting
  • List 2 to 3 observable task from skills that you expect the student to accomplish while on your clerkship
  • Next meeting 11/23 G165 Med Ed Building

Meeting adjourned: 6 PM

Minutes: B. May, 11/16/15

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