Clerkship Committee Minutes 12/11/2017

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­University of Virginia School of Medicine

Clerkship Director Meeting

Minutes – 12.11.17

Dining Conf. rms., #1, 2, 3, 5:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Vaia Abatzis, Ashok Asthagiri, Jonathan Black, Megan Bray, Catherine Casey, Huai Cheng, Katherine Fedder, Maryellen Gusic, Evan Heald, Pam Herrington, Molly Hughes, Eugene McGahren, John McNeil, Alex Millard, Mark Moody, Yvonne Newberry, Anneke Schroen, Binit Shah, Ryan Smith, Guillermo Solorzano, Heather Streich, Amita Sudhir, William Wilson, David Craig, Rebecca Hensley, LeAnn Hopkins, Freda McClung, Lisa Morton, Debbie Perry, KarenMarie Smith, Jessica Tawney, Heather Trainum, Karen Ward, Kyle Williams, Nell Brooks-Harlow, Bobbi May.

Minutes Reviewed/Accepted. The minutes were approved from the November 13, 2017 meeting.

Clerkship Reviews – Bray. Dr. Megan Bray reminded the group that all 2017 clerkship review information has been sent to Directors. She asked them to schedule interviews as soon as possible with the Curriculum Committee members who are tasked with reviewing their clerkships. Please pass along your completed self-reviews as soon as possible, to Dr. Bray and Bobbi May. Reporting to the Curriculum Committee is scheduled to begin, January 8, 2018.

Medical Education Grand Rounds/Excellence in Medical Education – Gusic. Dr. Maryellen Gusic asked Members to attend the above events as often as possible. Schedules for these upcoming events were provided electronically. Directors, please be sure to share this information at monthly departmental faculty meetings.

Clinical Performance Evaluation Form – Bradley. Dr. Elizabeth Bradley provided a draft of the updated form. The goal was to identify key constructs to evaluate the students, based largely on professionalism and clinical performance. There was a prolonged discussion on how best to evaluate the students based on the three categories on this form. Also, how best to evaluate the students based on placement in the clerkship year, earlier versus later. The number grades associated with each domain/category and how they will be calculated will need further discussion.

Clinical Skills Checklists – Gusic. Directors were provided their lists of required clinical conditions to show the percentages of alternate learning experiences. Dr. Maryellen Gusic reminded the Members; a student may complete no more than 10% of the required clinical conditions in a clerkship using alternative learning experiences. If greater than 25% of students used alternate clinical learning activities to complete a required encounter, we need to determine if there is something that can/should be modified.

*CD = Case discussion   Active involvement in case discussion-Student participates in a discussion about the patient in the clinical setting or in a small group learning setting.   

SC = Simulated Case (paper, computer case or high fidelity simulation.)

Action: Please make any changes to your checklists by the first week in January to ensure changes are made in a timely fashion. Please be prepared to share your changes at the 1/22/18, meeting.

Note: Next meeting Monday, January 22, 2018 in MCBR, 2700.

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