Clerkship Committee Minutes 02/22/2016

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Clerkship Directors Meeting 2/22/2016


Attendees: Bray, Cheng, Herrington, McDaniel, McGahren, Newberry, Solorzano, Sudhir, Waggoner-Fountain, Wispelwey, Wilson, Casey, Gurrola, Gampper, Black, Ward, Schroen, Heald, Christophel, Streich, May, Moody

Clerkship Grade Book. Presented by Mark Moody. The goal is to bring consistency to grade reporting and to make data more easily searched and shared. Mark has met with almost every Clerkship Director/Coordinator individually and discovered the shelf exam and the OSCE are the only commonalities within the Oasis grading arena. Due to the variation of grading components for each clerkship, he feels it is not feasible to use one grade book for all. Mark noted, there are many differences with the terminology used for scoring, examinations and grading. Moving forward, he will work to standardize this nomenclature and implement a set of guidelines so that each clerkship will utilize the same terminology, in order to bring consistency to the reporting process.

Call Room Utilization. Dr. Waggoner-Fountain inquired if call rooms are being used and/or still needed. A few of the clerkships do utilize the call rooms with some frequency and will continue to do so.

Disaster Plan. Dr. Waggoner-Fountain reiterated that if there is a disaster on a shelf exam day, then the exam will be administered on the following Monday. Most clerkships have provided the protocol for their plan to include; changes in orientation that Monday, notifying the students where to be and when, notifying the faculty responsible for orientation as well and notification to the faculty and preceptors who are at other sites that the student’s arrival will be at a different time.

Discussion of Mulholland Report. One Actionable item from each clerkship. Dr. Waggoner- Fountain reminded each Director to refer to the Mulholland report from the fall of last year and show one item of change that has been successfully accomplished or one that they are working toward.

EPA Project. Dr. Bray announced the impending arrival of Mary Ellen Gusic, a former AAMC representative who will consult with various faculty to ensure the integration of the 12 EPAs within the clerkships.

Action Items:

  • Articulate the disaster plan for your clerkship.
  • List one change resulting from the Mulholland Report
  • List 2 to 3 observable task from skills that you expect the student to accomplish while on your clerkship from the list of EPAs provided.


The Joint Clerkship meeting is scheduled for March 23, 2016, 9:30 – 3:30 in Jordan 2ABC.




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