Clerkship Committee Minutes 05/23/2016

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Clerkship Directors Meeting 5/23/2016


Attendees: Bray, Cheng, Heald, Herrington, McGahren, Newberry, Schroen, Solorzano, Sudhir, Waggoner-Fountain, Wilson, Wispelwey, Ward, Streich, May

AAMC Curriculum Inventory Project. Presented by Megan Bray. Each year the AAMC requires that a plan be submitted for the 4-year curriculum. Dr. Bray presented a sample of a 3rd year’s weekly schedule while on the Ob/Gyn clerkship. It showed each activity a student is required to attend/perform, the instructional in which it is presented, along with current learning objectives associated with each. Additionally, assessment methods utilized and a duration for each; shelf exam: 150 minutes, oral presentation: 10 minutes, OSCE: 300 minutes. The blank documents, and AAMC terms will be sent to Directors/Coordinators in email. Dr. Bray asked that each clerkship on-site prepare a weekly schedule and if needed, she will meet with Directors to determine appropriate assessment methods. By September 1, Medicine, Pediatrics and Ob/Gyn are asked to have their reports complete for submission for this year. All others are encouraged to have theirs completed as well, since all clerkships will be required to submit the following year. It is felt that once this project is completed, the subsequent reporting will be much easier as the information will only need review and possible revision.

Reporting of Unprofessional Behavior. During the previous meeting, the subject of students reporting unprofessional behavior was discussed. Dr. Chen joined the discussion as a representative of the Medical Student Advocacy Committee. She explained that the MSAC is made up of students and faculty and the reports come directly from Oasis and the Clerkship evaluations. Clerkship Directors are receiving more comments from this Committee and there is some concern about the appropriateness of these reports. It is felt that there is not a clear understanding on the student’s part of what “unprofessional behavior” defines. The Directors see themselves as advocates for the students and take all comments seriously. Dr. Chen agreed that some of the recent comments are not necessarily unprofessional behaviors but comments on the complex and stressful medical environment. Several of the recent comments are also related to patient actions and not faculty or resident behaviors. One suggestion is to have the question within Oasis regarding witnessing of unprofessional behavior revised to clearly define for the student that this relates to the departmental faculty, residents and staff. Dr. Chen also suggested creation of a file that contains all of these reports and is linked directly to the Directors which would allow their input and give them the ability to address these issues individually and as soon as possible. Another suggestion is to teach the students ways to deal with patients in uncomfortable and challenging situations perhaps with learning modules. The group agrees there needs to be some distinction related to these questions and the students understanding of them.

Action Item: Dr. Chen will re-write the professionalism questions within Oasis and come back and present them to the Committee.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 27, 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. in the Claude Moore Medical Education Building, G165.

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