Curriculum Committee Minutes 11/12/18

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University of Virginia School of Medicine

Curriculum Committee

Minutes – 11.12.18

MCBR, #2700 -4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were:

Chair (votes only to break a tie): Megan Bray

Voting: Juliana Bueno, Donna Chen, Katharine DeGeorge, Aaron Freilich, Fern Hauck, Barry Hinton, Paul Kunk, Robin LeGallo, Keith Littlewood, Vishal Madaan, Juan Olazagasti, Margaret Plews-Ogan, Steven Powell, Neeral Shah, Ryan Smith, Carlos Tache-Leon

Students: Brielle Gerry, Vat Patel, Ory Streeter, Erin Adonnino, John Popovich, Monet Lane, Logan Shelnutt, Brett Whalen, Marc Vetter

Non-voting: Gretchen Arnold, Elizabeth Bradley, Maryellen Gusic, Mark Moody, Selina Noramly, Bill Wilson

Staff: Bobbi May

Minutes Reviewed/Accepted. The Committee unanimously approved the minutes from the October 15, 2018 meeting.

Announcements. The ceremony to honor anatomical donors is scheduled for Friday, December 7, 2018, from 4-6pm in the Learning Studio of the Claude Moore Medical Education Building. Faculty and students are welcome.

Proposal – Summative Retakes, Number Permitted at Once. The issue of multiple summative retakes was brought to Committee for consideration. A lengthy discussion ensued- including number of failures students are accruing, need for timely remediation, remediation limitations, purpose of remediation as well as availability of faculty and IT staff to support scheduled remediation. Input was considered from our Director of Academic Enhancement.  The greatest concern voiced was avoiding the additional pressure on students with multiple failures to study and pass more than one exam on a single day.

VOTE: The Committee voted unanimously to approve a limit of one summative re-take at a time.

Proposed Standard Times for FCM Coach Meetings During 3rd Year. Coaches have been assigned to 6-7 students in each class as part of Foundations of Clinical Medicine.  This has replaced our former Mentor system in CPD.  The FCM leadership asked the committee to consider a regularly scheduled meeting for 3rd year students with their FCM Coaches. This meeting is proposed to occur in the pm of the last Friday of the end of each twelve-week block for the 2019-2020 clinical clerkship year. This time will be used to de-brief, goal-set and devote time to academic remediation. There will be some time restrictions in the pm for students finishing up the Ob/Gyn clerkship as they have a clinical skills exam and shelf to take on these Fridays- but should still provide time enough to allow a meaningful meeting.

VOTE: The Committee voted unanimously to approve the FCM Coach/student meetings as part of the integrated curriculum.

Clerkship Review Assignments. Annual clerkship review information was provided to clerkship directors last week. Clerkship assignments, self-evaluation and final evaluation forms were reviewed and expectations discussed. Committee Members were asked to contact directors to schedule the in person review as soon as possible. Clerkship review presentations are scheduled to begin at the January 7 meeting.

System Review, CV – Elizabeth Bradley, PhD. Dr. Elizabeth Bradley presented the annual review on CV in her usual format and found the System is very strong and mature. The document was sent to members electronically prior to the meeting for their individual review. Time was allotted for discussion and questions. Students report learning the content well, and perform as expected on the assessments.

Conclusions/Action Items 2018

System Leadership, teaching faculty and TAs: Again this year the leadership, instructors, and fourth year teaching assistant (TA) have received high praise from the students. Drs. Soukoulis and Dent are praised for their dedication to student learning, their approachability, the excellent teaching, and their brilliance. The instructors are considered among the best in the curriculum, being recognized for their knowledge base, enthusiasm, and effective to teaching. Finally the fourth year TA was dedicated to supporting student learning and guiding them through the System.

Overall System organization: Again as last year, the students find the overall approach to this System, with content being introduced, revisited and built upon across the weeks, to be highly effective for their learning. It provides students the opportunity to master the foundational content necessary to grasp to more complex clinical manifestations of the material, which are learned and practiced during numerous active learning sessions.

Pharmacology: If there is a weaker aspect of the System, Pharmacology teaching and learning is it. Some students feel they do not have a full understanding of what information they need to take away from the pharmacology sessions, and feel the overall approach to teaching this content could be improved. Given students’ concerns about Pharmacology over the past few years, and the strength of the System overall, a targeted effort to review and refine this content is recommended.

Engaging, clinically oriented learning sessions: The students appreciate the ample practice and application of the material in clinically relevant problem sets, TBLs, CAIL labs, etc. They also commented how useful learning and practicing illness scripts is for solidifying concepts and for developing their clinical reasoning skills.

Sub-Committee Review, Clerkship Committee. Dr. Bray presented the update on the monthly Clerkship Committee Meetings. The directors and coordinators have worked diligently over the past six months to implement the improvement and streamlining of several processes. Some items she detailed included; the pilot of new competency based student performance evaluation form, the revision and new process of  mid-clerkship feedback, overall grading standardization across clerkships, more accurate AAMC CI reporting, annual revision of clinical skills and conditions checklists, the continued roll out of EPA Assessments, the new initiative around CD’s taking their own shelf exam annually,  lessons learned from student OSCE performance, utilization of national management tools and our new conflict of interest policy. The Joint Clerkship meeting was held September 26th, and there was a large turnout from affiliate sites to discuss some of the issues above, in addition to, information regarding the new FCM program and best practices for writing effective learning objectives. The spring meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20, 2019.


Note: The next Curriculum Committee meeting will be held on Monday, November 26, 2018 in MCBR, #2700.

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