Curriculum Committee Minutes 5/7/18

May 17, 2018 by

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Curriculum Committee

Minutes – 5.7.18

MCBR, #2700 -4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were:

Chair (votes only to break a tie): Megan Bray

Voting: Juliana Bueno, Donna Chen, Aaron Freilich, Barry Hinton, Rachel Kon, Robin LeGallo, Keith Littlewood, Vishal Madaan, Juan Olazagasti, Margaret Plews-Ogan, Steven Powell, Theresa Schlager, Neeral Shah, Ryan Smith, Carlos Tache-Leon, Stephen Wolf

Students: Brielle Gerry, Ory Streeter, Vat Patel, Erin Andoninno, John Popovich

Non-voting: Gretchen Arnold, Elizabeth Bradley, Maryellen Gusic, Mark Moody, Selina Noramly, Bill Wilson

Staff: Bobbi May

Minutes Reviewed/Accepted. The Committee unanimously approved the minutes from the April 23, 2018 meeting.

Curriculum Committee Annual Schedule/Calendar Review. Members were asked to review the tentative schedule for the upcoming 2018-2019 Committee meetings. Any revisions may be emailed to Bobbi May who will present a final schedule for approval at the next meeting.

Nomination, Disabilities Thread Leader – Geoff Smith, MD. Dr. Alan Alfano is stepping down as Leader of the Disabilities Thread. Dr. Geoff Smith was nominated by Dr. Alfano, the Medical Director of UVA Health South, as well as Dr. Robert Wilder, MD, Professor and Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. His CV was provided and reviewed by Committee. There were no concerns voiced about his nomination.

Vote: The Committee voted unanimously to approve Dr. Geoff Smith as Disabilities Thread Leader.

System Review – MIS, Elizabeth Bradley, PhD. This MIS review was completed with the knowledge that significant changes are planned for the 2018-19 Systems. The recommendations in this 2017 report will be reviewed next year, but may not be applicable given the planned changes.

Conclusions/Recommendations 2017:

  1. System Leadership and instruction: The three System Leaders, Drs. Waggoner-Fountain, Pearson, and new this year Rahul Sharma, continue to receive the students’ highlight praise. They are noted for their support of and caring approach to the students, coupled with excellent teaching. Several students commented that they wished the System Leaders taught more, as they are excellent teachers, and it would provide more consistency in teaching and knowledge of the entire System, while potentially providing a better balance of the big picture with content details.
  2. Organization of material: Yet again this year as in several years past, there were mixed reactions to the overall organization of the content. Some appreciated the diversity of topics in the System, while others were challenged by the perceived jumping around and the overall ordering of content. As mentioned above, some students commented that providing an explicit big picture of the System and the approach to the content, and circling back to it across the System, could be quite helpful.
  3. Clinical relevance: MIS Continues to provide students with clinically relevant engagement sessions that are both supportive of their learning, and a reminder of why they are in medical school. They felt the Patient Presentations and the opportunity to create a differential diagnosis for the patients were interesting, engaging and useful. As in many years past, the “You’re the Doc” sessions supported and challenged the students’ developing clinical thinking and reasoning skills.
  4. Attendance: Again this year as in years past there was a noticeable decline in average attendance in MIS from prior Systems (from an overall average of 74% to 58%). This class is, on average, attending an estimated 10% fewer classes than last year’s class. The attendance estimates are self-reported by students. As suggested last year, the System Leaders may want to investigate why this drop-off occurred, if it is of concern to them, or if they feel it has a negative impact on the success of the System and student learning.
  5. Learning Objectives: Several students commented that the learning objectives, especially in the first half of the System, were broad making it difficult to determine the depth and breadth of information to focus on. They also found that some of the resources did not provide the necessary content to “answer” the LOs adequately.


Note: The next Curriculum Committee meeting will be held on Monday, May 14, 2018 in MCBR, #2700.

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