Curriculum Committee Minutes 6/11/18

June 17, 2018 by

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Curriculum Committee

Minutes – 6.11.18

MCBR, #2700 -4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were:

Chair (votes only to break a tie): Megan Bray

Voting: Juliana Bueno, Donna Chen, Aaron Freilich, Barry Hinton, Rachel Kon, Robin LeGallo, Keith Littlewood, Vishal Madaan, Juan Olazagasti, Margaret Plews-Ogan, Steven Powell, Theresa Schlager, Neeral Shah, Ryan Smith, Carlos Tache-Leon

Students: Brielle Gerry, Vat Patel, Ory Streeter, Erin Adonnino, John Popovich

Non-voting: Gretchen Arnold, Elizabeth Bradley, Maryellen Gusic, Mark Moody, Selina Noramly, Bill Wilson

Staff: Bobbi May

Minutes Reviewed/Accepted. The Committee voted unanimously to approve the minutes from the June 4, 2018 meeting.

SOM Policies: Academic & Professional Advancement, Leave of Absence/Withdrawal. The Committee Members were provided the policies electronically, well in advance of the meeting, to allow time for adequate review. The proposed revisions were discussed, no additional revisions were suggested or concerns voiced.

Vote: The Committee voted unanimously to approve both policies; Academic and Professional Advancement and Leave of Absence/Withdrawal.

Elective Credit Proposal.  The Committee was asked to consider the need to re-categorize certain electives and the number of credits earned in subspecialties. There was discussion regarding integrated programs particularly, Interventional Radiology. The association with residency applications and if there should be a variance for credits was a concern. Currently, subspecialty credits are limited in a uniform pattern to ensure a well-rounded experience. Dr. Freilich will work to create a list to consider where the line divides specialties and subspecialties and discussion will continue at a later date to determine if credits should be rearranged.

Vote: The Committee voted unanimously to consider Interventional Radiology as a subspecialty and to continue with what is already established, limiting credits in a uniform pattern as detailed within the 4th Year Electives Handbook.

Curriculum Schematic SMD22. The schematic which illustrates the curriculum that encompasses the entire four years of medical school was presented to the Committee for the incoming class of 2022. This shows the recent revisions and rearrangement of systems and is provided to the incoming class within their matriculation email per the Admissions Office.

Note: The next Curriculum Committee meeting will be held on Monday, June 18, 2018 in MCBR, #2700.

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