Fees, Billing and Insurance


We strive to provide high-quality, economical health care.  Our fees are based on services provided by your physician plus the cost of any tests and evaluations that may be required.  Every effort is made to keep your costs as low as possible while providing you with the highest quality care.

After receiving services, patients will receive two bills:

  • After each office visit, you will receive a bill for physician services from the University Physicians Group (UPG).  If your physician asks other UPG clinicians to assist in providing for your care, these charges will appear on the same bill.
  • You will also receive a bill from UVa Medical Center’s Patient Financial Services Department for x-rays, laboratory tests, hospital services and facility fees.

Both UPG and Patient Financial Services will send your bills directly to your insurance company.  Please be sure that we have your current insurance information.

It is your responsibility to see that all bills are paid.  Any required notification or documentation must be completed before your appointment so that the charges for your visit will be covered.

Payment is requested within 30 days following your appointment.  If your insurance plan requires a co-payment, we will collect it at the time of your visit.