Men’s Health


Studies have shown that men die at alarming rates from both male specific conditions such as prostate cancer and from male risk conditions such as cardiovascular disease, both of which are directly impacted by lifestyle and activity choices.  In addition men are less likely to adopt preventive health measures or see a physician for routine health screenings and physicals.

In response, the department of Urology is developing the idea of a Virginia Institute for Men’s Health Improvement and Performance (VIMHIP) at the University of Virginia in honor of Dr. William D. Steers. His vision and practice was dedicated to recognizing that the current system of diagnosis and treatment of illnesses isn’t addressing the underlying cause of poor health in men.

The VIMHIP program would be a multidisciplinary approach to address men’s health issues pre-emptively.  It would be experimental clinic that will investigate tactics to deliver health care in a male friendly manner.  Some ideas for VIMHIP include a joint urology and cardiology clinic where the strong correlation between vascular disease and erectile dysfunction can be addressed, development and testing of various patient education programs, and community outreach initiatives.

In 2004 the Department of Urology held the first annual Charlottesville Men’s Four Miler, a male only foot race to benefit prostate cancer.  Beginning in 2011 the focus and beneficiary of this race will be the proposed VIMHIP program.  We encourage you to participate in this race and the race training program.  Additional details can be found by clicking on the image below.