Education Videos

Engaging the African American Community in the NDPP

In this 19-minute video Michelle McRae, Lifestyle Coach for the Balm in Gilead, shares creative strategies for program success.

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Strategies to Sustain Weight Loss

This 49 minute webinar, by Linda Delahanty, MS, RD, shares insights from the DPP Research Trial on how to maximize weight loss and weight maintenance.

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NDPP: Reaching Medicare Beneficiaries

Viola talks about the experiences and practical advice for increasing poverty populations.

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NDPP Strategies for Reaching the Hispanic Community

In this 28-minute video, Aracely Harris provides insights for successfully working with a Hispanic DPP cohort.

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Nutrition 101

This video 19 minutes by Viola Holmes, MS, RD, CDE, covers the basics of healthy eating for disease prevention and overall health.

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I Can Do That! Building Self-Efficacy

This 18-minute video, by Anne Wolf, MS, RD, reviews what is self-efficacy and four approaches to building it in your National DPP participants.

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How Physical Activity Affects Weight Loss: Learning the Basics

This 16 minute webinar by Rebecca Jolin, MS, answers 4 common questions posed by National DPP participants regarding physical activity and lifestyle change

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Nine Keys to Establishing Rapport & Building Trust

This video 15 minute, by Anne Wolf, MS, RD, discusses nine key things you can do to establish rapport and build trust in order to maximize your program retention.

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