Web Editors Meeting Notes – Feb 23, 2016

Web Editors Meeting Minutes.  February 23, 2016.  Sandridge Auditorium, McKim Hall, School of Medicine.

In Attendance:

Leah Beard, Christa Bennett, Elizabeth Blough, Andrew Christie, Ashley Cobbler, Colleen Conner, Emma Donovan, Terri Ellison, Alan Farr, Lydia Fetcho, Joyce Fortune, Kellie Gildersleeve, Emily Guam, Lisa Haney, Charlotte Hardwick, Kim Holman, Patricia James, Dawn Kidd, Jolene Kidd, Micheal Kidd, Carolyn Maguire, Kathe Morrison, Kathleen Mueller, Harry Moxley, Karen Neale, Ray Nedzel, Helen Norfleet-Shiflett, Mary O’Leary, Bobbi Paxton, Tina Pendleton-Fuller, Jane Perry, Tammy Schlag, Regina Seitz, John Shannon, Will Slusher, Mary Stepanski, Caitlin Turchyn, Steve Wasserman, Dori Willams, Bill Woolfolk.

What we covered:

Ray Nedzel

Ray shared his thanks and congratulations — along with some stats — about the migration into WordPress. In 2013, we began building websites, one by one, in WordPress. By August 2015 we had moved 40 sites into WordPress and embarked on the great project of migrating another 143 sites by the end of the year. 143 sites in 4.5 months, done mostly by hand — with some migration scripting — and a bunch of rethinking and rebuilding from scratch. We did it. You did it. Thank you.

Jolene Kidd

Jolene showed the Pharmacology website and talked about all of the work (and thought) behind it,  from the homepage to the faculty descriptions to the research to the calendar and Facebook.   There was a lot to share, and we congratulate Jolene for bringing the Pharmacology Department such a nice site.

Alan Farr

Alan talked about his speedy up-ramping into WordPress: from no experience to a full editor and content architect in two months.  See the Department of Radiology site here.  He also discussed the good web uses he has had for great images from a hired, professional photographer.  (Be sure you get release forms signed. The contact clearly states that all work that UVA pays for belongs to UVA — see Ray, or Alan, for clarification).  Alan presented the Research in Radiology website, explaining why and when a second, separate website was right for the department and, specifically, for the visitors to the department’s web.

Video Production

Harry Moxley has been producing videos for the School of Medicine for 10 months.  We showed a feature that captures the story of the White Coat Ceremony (watch it here), and despite an issue with the sound in the room, the value and impact of such productions was conveyed.  If you have video ideas, please let us know.  Use the contact form and you can be sure your question or request is tracked.

Here is the video we showed as a demonstration.

Questions Asked:

Q: Do you need a release form from marketing to use photographs on the web?

A: Yes. Submit a request via the Contact Us form on our site, or send an email to somweb-support@eservices.virginia.edu.

Q: Is there a School of Medicine media library from which we can select photos, etc., for use on our sites?  

A: Not yet, but we can help with gathering and storing photos and other media. We would like to develop a SOM archive of such materials for use across departments, reinforcing a cohesive SOM brand.

Q: How do I make buttons like those featured on Pharmacology?

A: Photoshop! We have a template available that can be easily amended to suit different sites.

Q: Can I put a slideshow on my site?

A: Yes, with a feature called  gallery slideshow. We’re happy to help you create one: please contact us with your request.

Q: How can I display news about my department on my site?

A: There are several ways to dynamically feature news stories found in other university forums — UVA Today, among others — so that your site is auto-populated with the latest stories. Please contact us for support.

Q: What’s the best way to format faculty bios? Can I pull bios from other databases, like the Research Faculty Database / Curvita?

A: Pulling data from existing profiles is a great way to streamline personnel information in your WordPress site. Please contact us for support in setting up the best option for your needs.

Q: Will your video production department edit existing footage, or do they only produce new content?

A: Yes, good footage is good footage. We will edit existing media if it can be effectively reworked to achieve the same high production value of new work.  

Q: Do we have to pay to have videos created?  

A: It depends. Projects that can be completed with in-house resources, feature or support students and education initiatives, and are School of Medicine-related, typically do not require payment from the featured departments. Productions beyond this scope may incur costs, the funding of which can be negotiated with the Digital Communications office. Please don’t hesitate to send video ideas our way!   

Q: What is the process for selecting video projects, and how can I get my department featured?

A: Please contact us with inquiries. We are in the process of establishing a system for requests specific to this new service. For the time being, we are interested in any proposal you might have. 


Door Prizes:

Winner of the Lunch for 2 at Wahoo West: Lisa Haney
Winner of a Higher Grounds Coffee gift cert: Ashley Cobbler

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