Our WordPress Framework

We have developed a WordPress framework for UVA SOM websites. The framework is highly flexible and configurable by department web managers. All themes include global navigation elements branded for the School of Medicine, but including Health System links as well.

We have piloted the new WordPress network with select departments over the past year and will be ready for larger-scale implementation by the Summer of 2015. For now, there are three (3) separate themes we have developed for the various sites at the School of Medicine.


Bims theme

Basic Sciences Theme

Basic Sciences, Education, Administration, Research

The Basic Sciences theme takes its design from the BIMS website. It is for use by Basic Sciences departments, as well as education, administration, and research centers. This theme includes integration with the Research Faculty Directory, as well as the ability to host separately-managed sites for individual labs.



Clinical Department Theme

Clinical Department Theme

Clinical Departments

The Clinical Department theme takes its design from the new UVA Health System website. This enables Clinical departments to host their own SOM-related content while supporting the brand image of the Health System. It includes the ability to create Clinical Faculty profiles that feature PubMed listings of clinical faculty research.



Newsletter Theme


The Newsletter theme is for use by all departments, and includes the ability to email newsletters via HS internal lists OR via self-subscribed “opt-in” lists in MailChimp.