Want to make a slideshow on your WordPress site? We have tested a few plugins, and found at this point that the most simple one is the best. It’s called “Gallery Slideshow.” This plugin has been activated on al SOM sites. Just follow the instructions below and contact us if you have any questions.

Prepare your images

You will need to have a set of images available before you create the slideshow.

IMPORTANT: Make sure all of your images are cropped to the exact same height and width before uploading them to WordPress.
See our Optimizing Photos tutorial for more information>>

Create a New, Blank “Private” Post

To create a slideshow, we need first to create a dummy post that we can use as a container to develop slideshows. So, go ahead and create a new, blank post and call it “Slideshows.”. Make it “[simple_tooltip content=’You can make a post Private by editing Visibility in the Publish box on your editing screen.’]Private[/simple_tooltip]” so no one else can see the post but you.

Create a Gallery

Follow these instructions from WordPress to create a gallery within this post using the photos you have prepared, then return to this page for instructions on making your gallery a slideshow:

Make the Gallery a Slideshow

In the editor, you will want to switch to “text” view.

Toggling to text view.

This allows you to see the code (known as a “[simple_tooltip content=’Shortcodes are a WordPress technique for adding enhanced functionality to a page without having to know programming.’]”shortcode”[/simple_tooltip]”) in the post that was created when you inserted the gallery. The shortcode should look something like this:

Gallery code in text view

All you need to do now is change the word “gallery” to “gss” (stands for “Gallery Slideshow”):

Editing gallery text.

If you want the slides to auto-advance by a set interval, you type that into the shortcode using the word “timeout.” The time is in milliseconds. In this case, we are setting it to 4000 milliseconds (4 seconds). [simple_tooltip content=’8000 miliseconds is good for long captions, 4000 for short ones.’]You can adjust this speed as you like.[/simple_tooltip].

Adding Timeout option.

Using the Slideshow Anywhere in your Site

You will now want to place the slideshow in your site. To do so, it’s a simple matter of copying the shortcode and pasting into the place you want it, be it a post, page, or custom post type.

If you want it in a widget, use a text widget and paste the shortcode there:

Text Widget with shortcode.

You are done!

Home page Slideshows:

“BIMS” theme: 1140 pixels wide, and can be any height. We recommend using about 300 pixels – 350 pixels in height. When your slideshow is complete, paste the code into the text widget as shown above, and use the “Homepage Top Bar” widget area to have it display on your homepage.

Clinical Department Theme: 1200 pixels wide, and can be any height. We recommend using about 300 pixels – 350 pixels in height. When your slideshow is complete, paste the code into your homepage content area at the very top when editing the page.

Making Edits

If at any time you want to edit your slideshow, return to the private “Slideshows” post, change “gss” back to “gallery” and follow the instructions for editing Galleries at:

Then, change “gallery” back to “gss” and re-copy/paste the shortcode into your selected locations.

Adding Thumbnails

Sometimes when you have a large gallery and no captions, you want to give folks the ability to scroll through thumbnails. To add thumbnail navigation to your gallery, just add this to the shortcode:


This will give you an effect like this:

Slideshow with Thumbnail option

As You Become More Adventurous

There are other settings you can adjust for your Gallery Slideshow. To learn more, visit the Gallery Slideshow plugin page at