Application Process

New Student The University of Virginia School of Medicine’s admissions process uses a holistic review in order to select a talented and diverse student body.  The Admissions Committee considers a number of factors in determining who is invited for an interview. Applicants to medical school are evaluated on a number of parameters: academic achievement (GPA and MCAT), healthcare experience, volunteer experience, personal statement, letters of evaluation/recommendation and for those who are invited, a personal interview. When we are asked for the qualities that are important for us in a medical student, we often note that we looking for individuals who are authentic and the best versions of themselves. We do not seek a particular type of individual, but rather appreciate all types of persons who are passionate about the activities they are involved in. We value, but do not require, research, community service, volunteerism, and other extracurricular activities.  The Admissions Committee considers shadowing activities with a physician to be very important, but also recognizes the various other ways that students can be exposed to healthcare experiences, including, but not limited to a scribe program, as an EMT, pharmacy tech or phlebotomist. Personal or family experience with healthcare is also considered. Our class is diverse. Approximately one-third of our students come from the humanities or social sciences. About half of these individuals graduated from their undergraduate institution a year or more prior to matriculation, spending time doing research, working, pursuing an additional degree or participating in another program.

The process begins with the submission of a primary application through AMCAS, which generates an automatic e-mail with a link to the UVA supplemental application. After the secondary application, MCAT scores, and letters of recommendation are submitted, the review process will begin. The secondary application fee is $80, which can be waived with an AMCAS fee waiver. Traditionally, the University of Virginia receives over 5,000 applications a year, and uses a rolling admission process; applying early is encouraged. Approximately 650 applicants are invited for an interview. Interviews begin in early September and typically ends the first week of March. Interviews are held Monday through Thursday and the Admissions Committee meets on Friday. Interviews consist of two 30 minute interviews by two faculty members or one faculty member and one 4th year medical student from the Admissions Committee.  These Admissions Committee members then present the applicant to the Admissions Committee on Friday morning when the Committee votes. Decision letters are typically mailed within a week.