Criminal Background Check


All admitted students must undergo an AMCAS facilitated criminal background check, in which searches will be conducted by social security number, by areas of prior residence (on county-wide, state-wide and national levels), and by sex offender databases. The check will seek conviction information for all criminal felonies and misdemeanors committed as an adult, as well as for all unresolved offenses and arrests.

The criminal background check will not encompass offenses committed as a juvenile, with the exception of those offenses for which the juvenile was deemed an adult.

Enrollment at the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia is conditional upon the results of the criminal background check. The School of Medicine reserves the right to revoke an offer of admission based upon information received through the criminal background check. An applicant with criminal convictions listed in Virginia Code Section 37.2-314 typically shall be barred from matriculating at the School of Medicine. However, for all criminal convictions, consideration will be given to the nature and seriousness of the offense; the age of the person when the offense was committed; whether the offense was an isolated incident or part of a habitual, repetitive pattern; and the length of time that has elapsed since the offense was committed. Serious deliberation will be conducted as to whether the offense(s) may indicate a future jeopardy to patient care and well-being.

Initial admissions decisions are made prior to and without regard to the background check. However, students’ responses on the application for admission with respect to criminal misdemeanors and convictions will be compared to the criminal background check report, to ensure consistency and full disclosure on the part of the applicant. The criminal background check will be initiated at the time an offer of conditional admission is extended, or at the time an applicant accepts a position on the wait-list. Any legal, institutional or criminal actions that are noted after an offer of acceptance is given will be reviewed and discussed by a Background Check Committee. This Committee is composed of the Senior Associate Dean for Education, the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, the Assistant Dean for Medical Education, the Assistant Dean for Admissions and the Associate Director of Admissions for the School of Medicine. This group is charged with determining the appropriate course of action concerning the admissions decision as well as the terms and conditions under which enrollment, if permitted, may occur. University General Counsel is consulted when there are questions that arise that may concern matters of law.

All criminal background check information will be held confidential, and will be viewed only by Admissions Committee members and by Legal Counsel. The criminal background check report and supporting documentation will be held separately and independently from the student’s academic file, and will be under the care and custody of the Office of Admissions. Records will not be forwarded by the Office of Admissions to future employers or residency programs; students should retain their own copies of the report for these purposes.

All criminal background checks will be conducted through Certiphi Screening, Inc. Students will receive a copy from Certiphi of the criminal background check report, to ensure accuracy and as a means to initiate appeal, if need be.


The Medical Education Management Committee has oversight and approval for this policy.


  • Reaffirmed August 2020