homepage-image-patient-careThe University of Virginia Department of Radiation Oncology blends compassionate employees with high technology to deliver patient focused individualized care. We have been leaders in new technology for years and have the widest number of advanced treatment options in the state of Virginia, allowing us to custom tailor a treatment for each patient’s unique needs. Our physicians are experienced in treating patients on Trilogy and TruBeam Linear Accelerators, HD Helical TomoTherapy, High Dose Rate Brachytherapy with its own CT scanner planning system, and the Perfexion GammaKnife. Our main clinical research focus is to develop the next generation of advanced radiation treatment to improve the cure rates, to reduce toxicity, and, when possible, to reduce the number of treatments to make healing as convenient as possible for patients and their families.

Our Department is a major source of innovation at the Emily Couric Cancer Center. We are leading many clinical programs aimed at improving the quality of care and quality of life of our patients. These programs include the use of new computer technology to enhance communication between our patients and the expert health care team. This team works together to enhance our patient’s wellbeing and reduce their side effects and symptoms. We are committed to combining the latest and widest array of radiation treatment options in the state of Virginia and providing our patients with an unparalleled quality treatment experience.