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Medical Residency Slideshow
  • medical residents 2019-2020

    Socially Distant Annual Resident Photo 2019-2020

  • Program Director Einsley Janowski with graduating resident Neil Dutta

    Dr. Janowski and graduating Radiation Oncology resident Neil Dutta

  • graduating residents Hamid Nourzadeh and Eric Aliotta

    Graduating Radiological Physics residents Hamid Nourzadeh and Eric Aliotta

  • graduating residents with Department Chair, Dr. Larner

    2020 Graduating Residents with Department Chair, Dr. Larner

  • Dr. Romano, Neil Dutta and Dr. Janowski

  • farewell party for graduating residents

    Socially distant farewell party for 2020 graduating residents

  • Neil Dutta and Rebekah McComb

    Neil Dutta and Program Coordinator, Rebekah McComb

  • GI ASCO 2020

  • Jason Sanders presenting at GI ASCO 2020

  • Touring San Francisco for GI ASCO 2020

  • The residents enjoying dinner with Dr. Janowski

  • Our department is full of #WomenWhoCurie

  • Fall Resident Celebration

  • Dr. Janowski welcomes new residents Kristi Ward and David Cousins

  • Faculty and Resident dinner at ASTRO 2019

  • Don Muller presenting at ASTRO 2019

  • Don Muller, Einsley Janowski, Neil Dutta and Eric Aliotta at the ASTRO 5k

  • Current and Former Residents dining with Faculty at ASTRO 2019

  • Dr. Janowski and Kristin Ward

  • Residents saying goodbye to Clayton and Sean

  • 2019 Graduating Residents with Department Chair, Dr. Larner

  • Annual Resident Photo 2018-2019

  • Neil Dutta presenting at GI ASCO 2019

  • GI ASCO 2019

  • Faculty & Resident Dinner at ASTRO 2018

  • Sean Peach presenting at ASTRO 2018

  • Neil Dutta presenting at ASTRO 2018

  • Jason Sanders presenting at ASTRO 2018

  • Clayton Alonso presenting at ASTRO 2018

  • Former and Current Residents dining with Dr. Einsley-Marie Janowski at a recent conference

  • First Annual Resident Photo 2017-2018

  • Medical Residents 2017-2018

  • The residents enjoying the view at the 2016 Maryland Radiobiology and Physics Review Course in Baltimore.