Radiation Oncology Student Interest Group

The UVA Department of Radiation Oncology welcomes all University of Virginia medical students to learn about the field of Radiation Oncology.  “Rad Onc” is a small field and many students have limited exposure, but those that spend some time learning about Rad Onc tend to like it.  In an effort to promote greater knowledge of Rad Onc across all medical students, we invite UVA students to participate in a Radiation Oncology Student Interest Group as a branch of the Oncology Student Interest Group.  We are particularly interested in addressing the need for greater diversity in our workforce, and pathways for addressing health disparities in oncology.  Our goal is to support all medical students as they learn about their career interests, by providing direct interaction with practicing radiation oncologists.

We will work together with the existing Oncology Student Interest Group and the UVA SNMA group to host pre-clerkship medical students in the Fall semester for a series of lectures including an introduction to radiation oncology, discussion of careers in oncology, and for clinical shadowing.  Students will be invited to participate in radiation oncology related research.  We make a dedicated attempt to include students with diverse backgrounds in conjunction with the ASTRO initiative of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Radiation Oncology (

Students will be paired with a mentor and supported in their career exploration. The UVA Rad Onc student interest group aims to bridge the gap for students between a little known field and great career opportunity!

More information can be found about Radiation Oncology on the ASTRO website for medical students.