Our department strives to enhance the quality of life and functional independence of persons with injuries and disabling illness through excellence in rehabilitative care and management, the training and education of persons in the discipline of rehabilitation medicine and through the advancement of knowledge through research.  The University of Virginia Health System’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was established in 1989. It is housed in new facilities at the UVa Musculoskeletal Center with a full array of services under one roof.


rotunda Faculty
The department has 11 faculty members of the highest qualifications in various core areas of expertise.
Photo of Dr. Alfano Physician Services and Clinics
Links to each of our clinical services, including the PM&R Outpatient Clinic, Spine and Sports Care, the Runner’s Clinic, the Fall Risk Assessment Clinic, our Neurorecovery Program, Acupuncture, Electrodiagnostic Services, Disability Evaluation Services, Neurocognitive Assessment and more. Included are directions to
our offices and services.
Photo of Dr. Rubendall UVA-WorkMed
Provides comprehensive services including health and wellness, occupational health, work injury management and reduction, and
pre-employment/return to work physicals.
emg Appointments and Referrals
Information for patients and healthcare providers on how to make appointments and referrals for our services.
 kristinwong Residency Training Program
Information for prospective residents and medical students, including information on how to apply to our Residency Program, and our residency curriculum. Includes information for medical students on electives.
vectorbike PM&R Speed Clinic/Motion Analysis Laboratory
Gait and motion analysis studies are conducted in the department’s gait lab. It is equipped with a customized instrumented treadmill that includes three treadmill/forceplates recording ground reaction forces. In conjunction with the motion analysis system, this allows for the computation of joint torques for extended time walking, driven by a dedicated computer synchronized with the motion analysis system computer.
SkeletonCropped Integrative Musculoskeletal Medicine
The department’s division of Integrative Musculoskeletal Medicine cuts across several disciplines combining the expertise of both clinical and non-clinical faculty and researchers.
Pillars Research
Details about research within our department, including faculty publications and links to our Motion Analysis Laboratory
SportsMedicine Rehabilitation Links
Links to other organizations and websites with information on rehabilitation.

Contact Us
Email the Department at PhysicalMed&Rehab@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu