The tenth medical school to open in the United States, it has been part of the University of Virginia since the University's establishment in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson. The school's facilities are on the University of Virginia Grounds adjacent to the historic Academical Village, and it shares a close association with the University of Virginia Health System.

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New Inova Campus in Northern Virginia

The UVA School of Medicine – Inova Campus in Northern Virginia. has established a regional campus providing opportunities for 72 students (36 per class) to complete their 3rd and 4th years in Northern Virginia. (Video Transcript Link)

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UVA Medical Student Profile

Hear from Tom Albert, a graduating fourth year medical student, about his experience attending medical school at the University of Virginia and living in the Charlottesville community.
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Hands holding Diversity and Inclusion sign

Diversity and Inclusion at UVA

At the UVA School of Medicine, we are committed to ensure that diversity is more than just a buzzword, and that our culture and community actually reflect the values of inclusion and fairness. We strive to foster a sense of community that values and takes advantage of our differences and our similarities.
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Photo of Dr.Parsons Teaching three residence with real patient

Foundations in Clinical Medicine

FCM is a four-year, longitudinal course led by physician coaches and non-physician co-mentors. FCM1 spans the first 18 months of medical school and covers physical diagnosis, history taking, clinical reasoning, professional identity formation, and well-being practices.
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The UVA School of Medicine's SOAR program seeks to encourage high school students of color in the Charlottesville area to pursue careers in science through education and mentoring in biomedical research. #UVASchoolofMedicine, #UVA, #medicaleducation

Our students come from broad and diverse backgrounds, bringing together a wide range of life experiences and interests. We take a holistic approach to our application process. | Learn more: | #uva #uvaschoolofmedicine #medicaleducation #becomeadoctor

Q&A: What to Know About the ‘Delta’ Variant and Current Vaccines | Learn more: | #uva #uvahealth #uvaschoolofmedicine #COVID19 #covidresearch #deltavariant

Commemorating the end of slavery: Juneteenth 2021. See below for ways to celebrate.
#JuneteenthFederalHoliday #uva #uvaschoolofmedicine #medicaleducation

A Return to Grounds: In-Person Admission Tours Are Back at UVA | Learn more: | #uva #uvaschoolofmedicine #medicaleducation #becomeadoctor

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Quick Stats

Learn more about the University of Virginia School of Medicine statistics for class size, number of interviews and more.

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2020 Excellence in Diversity Award Logo

For the 9th consecutive year, the UVA School of Medicine has earned the national Excellence in Diversity Award!

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Covid-19 Therapies

Clinical trials conducted at UVA have led to new treatments for patients fighting COVID-19, and new tools for health care workers saving lives around the world.

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