At the University of Virginia School of Medicine, every discovery we make, every student we teach, and each step we take has the same goal providing better care for patients. We are innovators in offering new treatments to our patients, bringing research breakthroughs to patient care, harnessing new technologies to reach out to underserved populations, and restructuring our clinical approach and facilities to better meet our patients’ needs.

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A Home Run For Our Teenage Patients

Luke Post is 15 and has done something wonderful for older patients at UVA Children's.

These Brain Cleaners are, Unexpectedly, Healers

The discovery of an unknown repair process in the brain could lead to new epilepsy treatments.

An ‘Unrecognized Crisis’ Among Coal Miners

Coal miners and former coal miners who suffer from black lung disease also often struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide, a new study finds.

Growing Disparities in Childhood Vaccination

Vaccination rates are lagging among African-American babies, infants born to mothers with less than a high-school education and children in families with incomes below the federal poverty line.

Why Sleep Increases the Risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy

Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, or SUDEP, is the most common cause of epilepsy-related death.

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Clinician Wellbeing, Efficiency of Practice, Ambulatory Optimization and the Be Wise Approach

Stewart Babbott, MD a UVA Professor in the Department of Medicine researches and writes on clinician well-being.  He is one of the authors in a recent article on physician wellbeing…

Epic Training is Happening Now

Dear Colleagues, Epic Training is Happening Now When you think of Epic Phase 2, are you wondering: Will I be impacted? What’s changing as a result of Epic Phase 2?…

Relationships: Interactions Lead to Better Outcomes

Health care is provided through relationships—one on one interactions between the caregiver and the patient. Our nursing colleagues are focusing on evidence based practices that are known to improve the…

Did you ever wonder why the residents order so many labs?

In a 2016 article in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, Sedrak et al. explore why residents order unnecessary labs in inpatient settings. The study is below. We would love to know your thoughts. Tell us what…